Affiliated with the south's oil and the Oil Ministry are trained at ShellShell trained 200 employees of the Ministry of Oil to acquire international expertise

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed Shell Iraq company, on Thursday, for its training of 200 employees of the Ministry of Oil and the South Oil Company, while confirming that it aims to enrich the associate experience and increase their skills by simulating real work scenarios, and especially as it is carried out by specialized international companies.
Foreign press relations adviser at the company, Mustafa Jihad, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The company provided training to international standards on various subjects and skills to more than 200 employees of the Ministry of Oil and the South Oil Company in cooperation with the latter, since the beginning of the fourth quarter of the last in 2014, and up to the second quarter of the current year 2015 ".
Jihad said that "Shell Iraq company offering a variety courses topics, aims to develop Iraqi staff capacity to benefit from their experience and those owned by the Associates of the Ministry of Oil and the South Oil Company," noting that "the company continues to establish training courses in several subjects including English, provided by the competent Institute in the field of business for Anguarama (Linguarama), and the outline of the production process, by Schlumberger oil services, and financial audit, provided by Ernst & Young to audit the financial ".
He said foreign press relations adviser in Shell, that there is "a workshop competent project management in collaboration with SOGOS consulting firm focused on the stages of project management," noting that "courses held by the company aims to focus on the practical education and enable trainees to apply what they have learned as soon as they return on their position, using the simulation program, and realistic case studies, and other media and educational tools, to simulate real business scenarios. "

The Jihad, that "the company awarded the trainees certificates certified by international companies, such as Ernst & Young and Schlumberger, to enhance their CV."
It is noteworthy that Shell owns 45 percent of the shares of the Majnoon oil field, while Petronas owns 30 percent possession with the national oil company for the remaining shares.
Referred to the Majnoon field, it is one of the largest oil fields in the world, with an estimated oil reserves, according to the estimates of Iraqi government about 38 billion barrels.