Deputy: Cancel the Parliament's decision (Bremer) set the "Medhat al-Mahmoud," head of the Supreme Judicial Council

Brother - Baghdad
She called the National Alliance MP Mohammed Allkash, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives, to the cancellation of the Coalition Provisional Authority Act set (Medhat al-Mahmoud) as Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council.
He said Allkash in a statement received for News Agency (et) a copy of it, that "the judiciary has not any radical reforms," ​​and urged parliament "to cancel the functions of head of the Supreme Judicial Council (Medhat al-Mahmoud), through the termination of the former Coalition Provisional Authority, who was appointed Council Act Supreme Judicial ". He called Allkash to "inclusion of all the judges of accountability and justice law, which was exempted from it earlier." The supreme religious authority, stressed last Friday, on the need to reform the judicial system as an essential step to achieve the reforms recently announced by the government.
The representative of reference, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai "The reform process of the most important requirements of the reform of the judiciary as an important pillar for the completion of the reform packages and can not be real reform without it."