Real estate registration transmitting a number of officials accused of corruption to justice

Part of its plan to reduce corruption in chambers......Real property registration Department confirmed, forwarded a number of officials accused of corruption to justice, part of its plan to eliminate corruption in all its forms. She said that the action came after complaints by a number of citizens, and was pursued, as necessary, to bring the accused to justice and appoint appropriate persons after involvement in developmental courses and prepare them to be able to take responsibility. She added, the General Manager of the real estate registration Department by forming a Committee to inspect the real property registration Department in Adhamiya, and stand on the latest achievements and activities the main problems they faced, the real estate registration circle in adhamiyah recently inventoried files and archived on CDs to maintain local ownership of manipulation and falsification, and emphasized prevention of auctioneers and market commentators from entering the Chamber to reduce corruption, in addition to appropriate staff in place responsibility for advancement services.