In response to the directives of the Minister to establish guidance and health lectures

The central prison of architecture organize educational campaigns and training. Angels organized public health in prison Central architecture in coordination with Maysan Health Directorate in collaboration with the Organization "Amar charity", an awareness campaign and among guidance are, in order to prevent the risk of disease. The Director of the prison architecture (Mohammed Jabbar), the campaign included several activities, including examination and pathological analysis, and health survey of prison cutouts, demonstration lectures, cultural, public health and disease prevention methods and distribution of extension publications. He said, that other cadres to prison astthnayh efforts to promote services and reform, indicating that angels are continuing training in professional courses, craft and art, and that drawing and crafts workshops testify daily completion of works of art in painting and sculpture. The angels maintenance periodically conducts comprehensive maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration service in prison and cutouts, and reviews with technical and engineering teams to prepare field sheets. He said, that the prison architecture receive continuous follow-up by the Department reform through visits of inspection commissions of the Office of the Director General of the Department and reports on prison conditions, stressing the importance of the observations contained in the reports of the committees. Mr. Minister, Dr. Haidar Al-zamily face the necessity of providing health services for guests who are imprisoned in training to facilitate their reintegration into society after the end of the sentence.