Calls for solidarity, cohesion and the adoption of the National Guard Law

8/20/2015 0:00

Linking House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, in the liberation of Anbar conference which was attended by the "morning", the success of liberalization cities mechanism raped terrorist gangs family unification and solidarity, cohesion and cooperation, while the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi said that the people of Anbar, the heart of one man and are involved in the liberation of their wallets no matter what the sacrifices, Anbar Scholars Association announced the adoption of a draft reconciliation between the clans gray.
Jubouri warned, in his speech the conference which was attended by the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi and a large number of the elders of Anbar and representatives of diplomatic missions in Iraq as well as international and Arab participation, that "It is time to chart a ourselves to the path of liberation through the gate of reunion and unification of efforts and unite the security forces with the local forces Fighting that have done well, "asserting that" the people of Anbar are capable with their brothers in supporting their security forces to fight the battle of liberation ", once again claim to" the biggest support to the people of Anbar. "

He called on the President of the legislative power of the political blocs to "support the adoption of the National Guard Law quickly as one of the most important means of support and assistance not to the people only Anbar but to the people of Nineveh, who are preparing for the Liberation of their wallets," adding that "the path of reform which the government and parliament by the beginning does not exclude the reform of the security apparatus ".

He said al-Jubouri, "We started serious steps towards the security establishment and support the renewal of their blood and strengthen their capacity," pointing out that "the first steps to reform this institution is to end the presence of security leaders by proxy."

In turn, the governor of Anbar province said Suhaib al-Rawi, in his speech, said that "Anbar has become almost completely destroyed," noting that "young people of Anbar is far from the culture and science, which is either busy saving his family from the loss or fight Daash" .alraoa added that "the elimination of Daash It necessitates stand as one in all fields, and dealing with reality quietly away from the marginalization, "asserting that" the people of Anbar, the heart of one man and are involved in the liberation of their wallets whatever the sacrifices. "

He refuted the governor of Anbar what he described as "illusions" about non-participation of the people of the province in fighting against "Daash," pointing out that "the province sons until this moment are fighting together and with the security forces and the crowd popular in the fields of fighting against Daash," calling to "stand in tribute in front of more than eight thousand volunteers have answered the call of duty and joined the training camps to set off then to the land of the battle to cleanse the land of Anbar Daash. "

The narrator announced the approval of the Prime Minister to "the fourth annual league Investment Conference in Anbar care next year after disabling long as two years because of the war on Daash and which will see the presence regionally and internationally for the reconstruction of Anbar and invest in and provide thousands of opportunities for young people to work," noting that "we will not allow gangs terrorist Daash to impose its agenda barbarism and the Tekirdag Anbar of new security and stability and that the elimination of Daash does not come from military confrontation, but also comes from the economic, social and cultural development and transmit the spirit of hope and tolerance ".amaaon Anbar governor, for his part, he stressed the importance of the conference in the liberation of Anbar a starting point, pointing out that there is a real and genuine steps to liberalize the city and it will start the reconstruction of the province, which has been severely damaged as a result of hostilities Conference.

He explained Noman, told the "morning", that "there are concrete steps to liberate the city starting from the gray and from there to the rest of the usurped land", pointing out that "the destruction of the city of Ramadi, a very large and beyond the rest of the cities in the ratio of mass to fight Daash for a long time."

Al Noman added that "the conference will be the basis for the reconstruction of Anbar province in order to help the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the province, which was heavily hit," asserting the existence of "a high coordination between the security forces and the popular crowd in fighting Daash and cleanse the province."

Furthermore, Anbar police chief Maj. Gen. Hadi Rseg confirmed that there are serious cooperation between the security forces and the popular crowd inside and outside the province, indicating that the number of police recruits in the Anbar emergency battalions arrived in the 16767 make up 15 of them emergency Regiment.

Rseg revealed a number of media, including the "morning" for "a joint plan for the Liberation of Anbar and security forces arrived on the outskirts of the city and will enter soon," noting that Anbar police have been converted into emergency as police battalions transition of combat. "
Rseg added that "Anbar police work was not confined to the field work, but beat sleeper cells in Amiriyat al-Fallujah and Al Khalidiya and the arrest of 179 sleeper cell", asserting that "the support of the Ministry of Interior and Defense to grab the land."

In the meantime, the representative of the joint operations in Anbar, Major General Ziad Tareq said edit Anbar plan is going well, pointing to the great cooperation between the security forces and the popular crowd to complete the liberation of all regions.

According to Tariq "morning" that "was ordering the formation of a committee the popular crowd to the province of Anbarberiash Anbar province to adapt fighters have volunteered so far 8000 fighter for the formation of 11 battalions combat," adding that "a number of regiments recently engaged in combat operations."

Tariq pointed out that the "liberation of Anbar plan includes several stages have been completed first phase, which includes isolating and encircling the province and has now direct the second phase," stressing that "our forces entered the outskirts of the city and things are going as planned."

While head of the Sunni Endowment Alhmam Abdul Latif, his word at the conference, Anbar as "the unity of Iraq and key by the nation to cross to the other side," he

They "will be free demolished by everyone and will raise the banner of Iraq on all its buildings" .alhmam pointed out that he "will not be achieved in this country what we want him only legal shift dominated by the logic of the state," pointing out that it "legal state based on the rule of citizenship and that is everyone's responsibility" Alhmam He stressed that "Anbarien displaced people who hang out in the Municipality of meeting our cities and their return in the not surrender," stressing that "we will return to Anbar and Snhrrha and we will build the state with one hand."

For his part for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," said Anbar Scholars Association member Hossam Karbouli that "the Association informed the elders of Anbar and elders need to end the conflict and the problems of tribal and work to confront Daash", noting that "the conference-year-old will be held in Arbil, the middle of next month, includes most of the clans Alonbarah ".