Iraq and China plan to sign an agreement in the field of defense industry

Iraq and China plan to sign a cooperation agreement in the field of military industries. According to a statement of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji met at the headquarters of the ministry and a Chinese delegation representing the China Enterprise Confederation headed by Kolff Star Anturnhinal Company and CEIEC to discuss the potential contribution of these companies in the Iraqi industry development and construction of new plants in different areas, including glass, ceramics, solar cells, tires and turnkey construction industry in addition to assembling engines and car assembly and aluminum industry and other industrial fields. "
The minister stressed during the meeting that the Iraqi government in the process of signing a joint cooperation agreement with China, and the ministry will discuss the most important projects needed by the country to develop this agreement and are able to activate it legally, noting that "The ministry would like to cooperate with China in many fields, particularly with regard to the military industries where possess the necessary knowledge to set up such industries and experience. "
For his part, Head of the delegation expressed the Federation of Chinese industries is pleased to visit the ministry and his desire fruitful and successful collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and the actual contribution to the development of existing industries or enter into new industries ".anthy