The central bank is working to end the problems of banks occupied by "Daash"

Tomorrow Press / BAGHDAD: The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, on the Keywords, on Thursday, said the bank in cooperation with the private banks, is considering a solution the problems relating to branches in the hot spots, with the Association of Banks predicted that contribute to those solutions supporting the banking process. Keywords and said for "tomorrow Press" , said that "a number of private banks and government also has branches in areas that have experienced Kninoy, Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala and Anbar military operations, including the carrying amounts of money in assets belonging to the depositors and shareholders of the banks." He added that "the central bank held a meeting with a group of banks in order to stand up to these events and discuss the possibility of solving the problems related to them and the size of the losses, "noting that" the central bank keen to private banks to support and stand by its side in order to evolve the best to offer to its customers. "For his part, Executive Director of the Association of banks to Tariq said for "tomorrow Press ", that" these meetings will overcome the problems that hinder the work of the banking sector through the presentation to the direct charge and this reduces the administrative red tape, "pointing out that" the banks offered their problems and their platforms on the bank's governor and general managers and officials in the bank, not only with regard to branches of banks in hot spots only, but in different matters concerning the work of the banks. " He pointed Tariq that "the Central Bank promised to banks to pursue the relationship between them and the bank issues and solve them quickly, taking into account the mechanisms and laws binding for banks in accordance with the Central Bank and the law of the Banking Act."