The end of the five major parties in the province, meeting with "optimism"

Twilight News / ended the five major parties in the province, on Thursday, the meeting, which lasted more than three hours amid tight media blackout. The delegations representing the high Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Islamic Union and the Islamic Movement for Change and the Kurdish group has entered into a joint meeting at the eleventh hour of Thursday morning, to further discuss the crisis, the presidency of the Kurdistan region. According to information obtained by Twilight News from sources close to the meeting, there is an atmosphere more optimistic than the previous round of the meeting, which took place last Wednesday night. The reason for optimism is due to the changes that took place on the delegates and described by sources as a more flexible. And on the media blackout surrounding the meeting Joe sources confirmed that the parties want to hold dialogues away from excessive statements by politicians and that may affect the meeting. Twilight News also learned that not to attend the US and British and internationalist side at the meeting was the request of the Kurdish parties, which confirmed the American side that it wants to reach an agreement on their own and it's able to find a solution to the crisis. Twilight News also learned that the combined parties decided to hold further meetings during the day and the next couple of days until reaching a joint project to be submitted to the Parliament of Kurdistan, and dialogues and discussions about the project made by the Kurdistan Democratic Party.