Medhat al-Mahmoud .. Get out

20/08/2015 21:14

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: no longer room for doubt that the success of the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi reforms depends on the reform of the judiciary and bail him out of a network of corruption since 2003, did not Anlh change and renewal of blood, Mahal without turning to the Council of Justice and fairness, takes the Denny from Sharif and equal to between strong and weak Word Grievances, and put the ways of justice.

It can not be questioned in the demonstrations that demanded the removal of Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud, and what it is to go out for justice and the poor conduct and misconduct with the parish, did not raise the protesters, slogans calling disqualify dinosaurs that control the judiciary, not for the collective consciousness that has emerged in the voice a public one, calling for an end to the influence of Al-Mahmood in the judiciary.

It went on over a decade, and the elimination depends on the hands of this man who became a change is a must, and if the justification put forward at different times to expel al-Mahmoud for the judiciary is not enough, the people voted on a clear and decisive in not stay in office, regardless of the positions of the political blocs him.

Indeed, on the same Medhat al-Mahmoud, the duty optional resign, before compulsory, after realized and saw with his own eyes the size of the broad rejection of the stay in office, and free enough for him the signal, as the Arabs said.

The follower of the biography of the Iraqi judiciary, since 2003, finds that Mahmoud plead too errors that can not be counted in this space, so has the people, which demands today, renewal and repair confidence.

It is not to resolve the terrorists issues and make it subject to conditions and passions to remain silent on the corrupt, and political supporters of terrorism, to the politicization of the judiciary, in violation of the Constitution which provides for the integrity and independence, even recklessly corrupt gangs in the decision of the judiciary, and embezzlement wrong and investment independent of the budget of the Council for the state budget, what Mahmoud allowed the financially corrupt, known far and wide.

All of this, Medhat al-Mahmoud put in the position demands it, go willy-nilly, after his speech, said the people in the need to end corruption code in the Iraqi judiciary.