BGG: OK - lots of news to cover today - but let's take it in chronological order.
BGG: if we can...
BGG: Maliki was involved in the largest money laundering operation in Iraq

BGG: Nuri al-Maliki, who is currently in Tehran in addition to the issue of facilitating the delivery of Mosul to state regulation facing charges of laundering more funds management process in the history of Iraq.«Okaz» and learned that a private form of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a government commission will begin within days to open the financial files for the owners to begin its work in parallel with the mini-financial committee set up by Parliament to follow up on money laundering in the central bank file or transfer large sums of money out of the country accuse Maliki of being behind it.

BGG: Said parliamentary sources for «Okaz» The financial transfers to the owners and his family in the central bank files with high uncertainty, especially on the issue of disclosure of the sources of the funds transferred out of the country, estimated at billions of dollars, noting that the largest of these transfers were for banks the «Alberivc» in Switzerland. The sources pointed out that the documented information confirms reached some facts that permit the provision of the case file to the judiciary, noting that there is a huge financial figures have been agitated in recent years have turned to the accounts of al-Maliki and members of his family out of the country, whether by the central bank or exchange companies.

BGG: She said that the numbers that indicate her official records in the bank and report the bank for remittance movements carried out by some exchange companies, which bear the names of al-Maliki and his son and some leaders of the Dawa Party, led by very large-Maliki was converted during the past 6 years. So Abadi visit was postponed due to be carried out today to China, so as to follow up the implementation of reforms package to combat corruption, and the security situation in the country.


BGG: Notes: This piece - in my mind, is the part that will ultimately wind up ending Maliki... the rest he can argue as "partisan", retribution, or whatever...
BGG: but stealing directly from the CBI isn't something that Iran (or anyone else) will be able to save him from. This IS BAD.
BGG: not to say that all the other atrocious crimes aren't every bit as bad - but this goes to the very heart of Iraq's current financial crisis. This is the thing the people are demonstrating over.

BGG: and though Maliki is saying he will return to Baghdad - or is threatening to - or even has...
BGG: does not mean that is the end of the story...
BGG: If Iran wanted him in as PM so bad - don't you think they would have supported his 3rd term??
BGG: how do we know they aren't just tossing him overboard with this move??
BGG: seriously, maybe they just wanted him out of their country.
BGG: what to we know?? It's a little early to be all "doom and gloom" about his "return"...

jonhenry: I find it interesting that this comes out hours of him landing back in country

BGG: exactly.
BGG: timing is very, very curious...

Larrykn: so why would maliki decide to come back to Iraq why not another country that would allow him in

BGG: I have no idea what he's cooking up - Turkey says his comments lately is the "ravings of a mad man"...
BGG: says to larrykn: their comment just today.

Loopback: Deputy: the elimination will be issued memoranda arrested and travel ban against the accused fall of Mosul 19/8/2015 11 a.m.
[Baghdad - where] the National Alliance MP Abbas Mezni, said that the judiciary will be issued memoranda arrest and travel ban against the accused fall of the city of Mosul he said. Said Mezni, told all of Iraq [where], "The public prosecutor will receive a copy of the committee fall of Mosul report, and will determine the mechanism to call the accused where and bring them to justice in order to investigate them."
He predicted that "there accused are outside the country," noting that "There are ways to call them."

Loopback: He pointed Mezni to "The judiciary issued an arrest warrant and travel ban against the accused, after the investigation proves guilty." The House of Representatives has approved on Monday, a majority on the report of his committee investigative fall of Mosul, which included former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Name The officials, civilians and military senior leaders as defendants of negligence or complicity to events in June and transmit the report to the judiciary.

Loopback: The Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obeidi, he said yesterday that his ministry will refer both named in the report of the Committee of military commanders to Iraqi military justice, "stressing that the ministry" will aim at the achievement justice to the homeland, and the account to dereliction of military duty, or cowardice and compromised and left arms, or withdrawal unjustified, and other descriptions, which can be held accountable by law. " For his part, the legal expert Tareq Harb, that the figures and names contained as defendants in the Commission's report Parliamentary own investigation into the fall of the city of Mosul, however Daash 2014 "could face the death sentence."

Loopback: He said the war's [where], "If condemned the civil courts or the military some actions contained in the report of the Committee her sentence to death has been up, whether Bovq the provisions of the Penal Code civil or military or internal security forces ".anthy 2

BGG: says to Loopback: and thanks for that - Bad timing for Maliki since he is named in this report. He shows up and they institute a "travel ban"...
BGG: says to Loopback: Maybe he isn't so smart after all??

Loopback: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Loopback: I think he thinks that he is going to get out of this one.

BGG: says to Loopback: looks like that to me as well - BGG predicts - NO WAY...
BGG: says to Loopback: sooner or later it catches up to him.

msbrat: so what is keeping him from being arrested? waiting for final say from those who give the word?

BGG says to msbrat: not sure just yet... but the storm is building. I don't see how he survives this (politically) - he's just in La La Land.. there was a piece earlier today that he was coming back and would continue acting as a VP??? I'm like Waaaaa ?? He's CRACKED.

Msbrat: they gotta do it right to make it stick

BGG says to msbrat: However, it is vital Abadi gets Mahmoud to move on... he needs to resign and get some of those jokers out of the SJC.
BGG says to msbrat: because with them in - anything could happen.

Msbrat: true true!

Itsaboutjesus: So, M's return ... I know it might be too early to say, but there is a high chance that he just stepped into a "trap", your thought, BGG?

BGG says to itsaboutjesus: too early to tell - I'm just pointing out, there are numerous possibilities??

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: Hi BGG have you seen this one...
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: "Iraq: Report on fall of Mosul to ISIS calls for ex-PM Maliki to face trial"
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: "Lawmaker Mohamed Al-Karbouli said the vote in parliament was taken by a show of hands and passed by a majority. He said the report was now due to go to the public prosecutor and Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, who has the right to refer officers for court martial."

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: parliment voted to send M up the river it appears

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: Baghdad, Reuters—Iraq’s parliament on Monday referred to the judiciary a report calling for the trial of former prime minister Nuri Al-Maliki..."
BGG says to CanTWaitwoRv: I mean - THAT'S REUTERS!!
BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: it's not Jerkwater Halabja Arabic Press Times...

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: maybe Iran realized too much heat to give immunity so he had to scoot nowhere to run
CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: exactly!

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: IT'S REUTERS!!

billuke : This could've been part of the recent Iran deal too.

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: Holy Moly - and Maliki is coming back like he's riding back in on a white horse?? Parliament voted (twice now) - he's cooked.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: with our military now entrenched good luck M/Iran

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: Thanks for that.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG: military have doubled/triple down in the past few days

Loopback: Al-Maliki returns to Baghdad after a visit to Tehran continues its commitment to "Vice President" Wednesday 19-08-2015 | 5:13:11 Twilight News / arrived former Vice President Nuri al-Maliki Wednesday to Baghdad after the end of his visit, which initiated last Friday to Iran. A statement issued by the Information Office that the Maliki, who described the statement as "Vice President" arrived in Baghdad coming from Iran.The Iraqi speculation has pointed out that al-Maliki will not return to Iraq after the fall of the report carried responsibility for the collapse of the city of Mosul, however Daash.

Loopback: Maliki said that the report of the Committee has no value. Maliki and look back to Baghdad and his determination to hold on to the position of Vice President of the Republic challenge to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.http://translate.googleusercontent.c...Go8QWjXBioNPgw

rcookie: my name is nouri al Maliki…i am VP of Iraq..i own a mansion and a yacht!

Loopback: This was found by rocookie this AM.

BGG says to CanTWaitwoRV: Maliki said that the report of the Committee has no value... - HE IS CRAZY...

BGG says to Loopback and what are his comments about the money laundering - which is, in essence... exactly and completely what the WB and IMF were threatening over. It was about Maliki.

CanTWaitwoRV says to BGG yea he'll probably say that with a noose around his neck or in prison all the way to the end like psychopaths usually do

wmawhite says to BGG Sounds similar to Saddam just prior to his hanging.

BGG says to wmawhite the mindset seems to be very similar.

Jonhenry: isn't Mahmoud the one who resigned and they wanted him to stay?? your thoughts on that? I mean how does he get him out now

bluedog says to BGG: Does Maliki control the military? Why don't they arrest him?

BGG says to Loopback Thanks so much.

BGG says to bluedog some parts of Militia - not the military.

Mrs BGG says to Loopback Thanks Loop!!

jackflash101st He's counting on his crooked appointed judges to save his worthless hide
jackflash101st maybe

BGG: says to jonhenry I talked about it earlier in this segment. (Check Chat logs - or BGG's Corner for this Chat).

BGG: says to jackflash101st Sounds like it - who knows how that will end.
BGG: says to jackflash101st Mahmoud already tried to resign.

BGG: Wow -

BGG: [the report] - emphasizes that what happened before the fall of Mosul was planned by al-Maliki in order to return to power and picking the third mandate until the door drop Sunni leaders in the western regions and the declaration of emergency law that allows him to control and put the Kurdistan region with a fait accompli,

BGG: which I said over and over - no one cared much (at the time) to listen...
BGG: WOW - as I read this whole report, it strikes me, the reason Maliki is coming back (or has - or will Thursday)... reference is made to the fact, if he stays gone his political influence ends QUICKLY.
BGG: their words...
BGG: ...because in the absence of his return or delay will end the political future quickly,...
BGG: what we view as one way - may be that he has no other option.
BGG: if he stays gone - it's over for him quicker.
BGG: all of this from this article...
BGG: After the abolition of his post and moving to convict him judicially .. Maliki in the face of the unknown


Wmawhite: Iran could have told him to leave.........they are under some pressure from the international community.

BGG: says to rcookie hey you - thanks for all the great news..
BGG: says to rcookie research - we all appreciate it.

faith1: whoops... Bonds and WTO assention... any new info and/or your opinion?

BGG: says to faith1 Not from me - Mr White??

faith1: bonds and wto assention ,,any new news and / or new info...opinions?
faith1: I understand Iraq has to transact in country in their reality rate for full assention to WTO ,,and doing that allows trade internationaly... what is your opinion on WTO and assention or full membership privledges??

wmawhite: There is a ton of info about the bond in US media.

BGG says to faith: They have other issues in front of them right this very second.

Wmawhite: U.S. News and World Report.....
Wmawhite: Ap and Reuters

BGG: says to faith than the WTO - Bonds are a focus though (that is an immediate budgetary issue).

faith1 TY.. I saw some of that..

dale: I don't know how the process works, but I thought that Maliki was going to be tried by the International Court. If he stays would Mahmoud be appointed the judge for the International Court?

BGG: says to dale: I highly doubt that.

Dale: That's what I thought.

BGG: says to dale: The ICC won't have anything to do with Mahmoud... and he may well resign yet. There was only news that the SJC (council) didn't want to accept his resignation. Anyone with a s**** of brain left will put some space between themselves and Maliki - ASAP

itsaboutjesus: has any of you heard anything concerning the trade agreement between Iraq and Brazil? Last week's report said it'll be signed this week; do we have ink on which day are they signing it?
Itsaboutjesus: faith1's WTO question reminded me of Brazil ... because Brazil has been elected to be head of WTO 1-2 years ago

BGG: says to itsaboutjesus: I have not... much like the WTO - they have much more pressing issues.

BGG: Turkey: in the case of al-Maliki (delirium - he's delirious )

Horsegal: LOL he has multiple psychiatric disorders!

BGG: responding to Turkey's foreign, Wednesday, on charges of President of the former Iraqi government Nuri al-Maliki launched from Tehran, where he lives now and in which he said, that "what happened in Mosul was a conspiracy was planned in Ankara and then moved plot to Erbil. "

BGG: Tehran - "where he lives now"...

BGG: She described the Turkish Foreign Maliki's comments as "delirium accused number one fall of Mosul and the flight of the army in front of a few fighters and misappropriation of funds of Iraq and the destruction of built fully infrastructure." said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman, Tango Bagheij, that "al-Maliki is in charge of the President on the crisis, which Iraq taking place today, and the resulting policies repressive, and discriminatory, and exclusionary and his words are contrary to reason and logic. "

BGG: He went on Bagheij, that "the organization Daash dominated Mosul, during the period of al-Maliki, the presidency of the Council of Ministers in Iraq, and that 70 thousand soldiers from the Iraqi army, who were under his command fled in one day, in front of about 1,500 component of Daash, according data that pointed to it, and handed over the city to them, it is useful to recall that al-Maliki is on the list of those responsible for the fall of Mosul. "

BGG: Under Maliki 70,000 troops ran in front of 1,500 ISIS fighters...
BGG: He added, Tango "The delirium Maliki stems from...
BGG: (His crazy talk...)

jackflash101: I read some where that Maliki promised isis 1/3 of Iraq if they could get rid of Abadi and dimish all his power...your thoughts?

BGG says to jackflash101st: More crazy talk - there is no way anyone wants another helping of Maliki. Not even Iran.

jackflash101st: sounds good and thank you

BGG says to jackflash101st: I get the sense - the reason Maliki came back - or is coming back (and there is no proof he is - could all be hype)... is if he doesn't make a play now - he's done quickly.

BGG says to jackflash101st: according to their reports.

jackflash101st: So much info out there its hard to really know whats going on over there

BGG says to jackflash101st: That is accurate.

jackflash101st: Whats abadi really up to

itsaboutjesus: do we by any chance have someone from Iraq (or conduct biz in Iraq) among us in DU?? Just curious

BGG says to itsaboutjesus: Slim

BGG says to itsaboutjesus: excuse - me a couple of folks do have 1st and 2nd hand contacts.

itsaboutjesus : thought if we have "boots" on the ground, can "see" a better picture?

BGG says to itsaboutjesus: but those are very rare.

Itsaboutjesus: that's true

BGG says to itsaboutjesus: and even if they weren't rare - the access required to get that intel is even rarer.

Itsaboutjesus: yeah, that's true ..... I bet, besides feeling the actual pain of financial crisis, they problem read news like we do

BGG says to itsaboutjesus: my advice - follow us on twitter - nothing happens IN THE WORLD some ding-a-ling doesn't tweet about it (lol)

GrannieAnnie: Like a very close friend of mine said yesterday...The Arabic language is very complex. They have approx 1000 words and many words mean different things. You have to be able to hear what they say and see thier gestures to understand. And for us, that is hard to do. As these articles are written for Iraqi's...not us. So it is confusing for us to understand what they really are saying and meaning.

BGG says to GrannieAnnie: Thanks for that -

itsaboutjesus says to GrannieAnnie: on top of that, you have see through the lens of their culture and thinking process too

slh5282: any news on the discussions regarding HCL?

BGG says to slh5282: moving forward (according to their recent reports).

billionaire says to BGG: have you heard anything regarding amnesty LAW?

BGG says to billionaire: same as HCL - fairly high priority according to their recent reports...
BGG says to billionaire: this ouster of Maliki may prove very beneficial to Iraq and Abadi.
BGG says to billionaire: if they get alot done shortly after his demise - you can assume how much of an obstructionist he was.

Pablo : Any news about Alalak?

BGG says to Pablo: nope - not yet...
BGG: Ok gang - tune in tonight for News Time with Millionday!!