Baghdad in the list of the most dangerous cities in the world as usual

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - August 19, / August: Publish locations and Happy Life Style Journal list of the most dangerous cities around the world and as usual the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, is one of them.

Baghdad, capital of Iraq

Explosion of a car bomb may Alahakk in the streets of Baghdad, at any moment, effects of the war on Iraq in 2003 still cast a shadow on the stability and safety of the population.

The country has witnessed a rise in the levels of violence over the past years, and that the risk of fire and explosions, kidnappings and other attacks Elements surrounds Baghdad and surrounding areas.

San Pedro Sula - Honduras

Charming nature of tropical and beautiful climate throughout the year and features archaeological museums all make San Pedro Sula amazing city travel, but it does not eliminate the fact that high murder the rate, according to statistics, there are 159 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants, making it beyond the city of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico It made famous as the most dangerous city on Earth for three consecutive years.

In 2014 it was 171 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants rate, while the remaining 97 per cent of murders without a solution, and not only crimes are what you should warn the traveler, but from the gangs that smuggle drugs.


Guatemala is the country's capital and most populous city in Central America.

Crime rates are too high up to 25 crime reported in 2009, making violent crime where the ratio of the highest in Latin American countries.

And spread in the city in gangs, theft, robbery and random crimes, which are difficult to control in many areas .

Cali in Colombia

Cali is the second largest city in Colombia after the capital, Bogota, and is one of the country's most dangerous areas, Vnfoz the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia Msthari in the country, which exert pressure caused tension of the population in certain areas of Cali. This has resulted in recent investments in the field of security decline in the number of murders and violence in the city that has become relatively safe.

Rio de Ganiro in Brazil

Although he referred to Brazil as the city of sport and the Olympics, but the city of Rio de Ganiro rise in crime to the popular character of the tourism ratio is defined as the city of robbery and looting, which displays the ladies who wear expensive jewelry price risk.

Detroit in Michigan

Known as the capital of the automotive industry, and has played an important role in the birth records "Motown" and the development of other musical genres, from "Blues" music "hip-hop" to "techno", which is today experiencing a rise in crime, shootings and violence rate, because of unemployment, poverty and low manufacturing, and finally, it dropped murders related to drug trafficking rate.

Karachi in Pakistan

"City of Lights" or "the city that never sleeps" titles won by a Pakistan's biggest city, Karachi, the largest city in the world and the third for the number of the population.

Karachi is conflict and conflict area and lived with over the past years of terrorist bombings and crimes of violence claimed the lives of many residents.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has suffered from a troubled history and violent, still affect in some poor areas, especially popular ones and the suburbs sprawling which is fertile ground for the birth of gangs that often give rise to violence, some of these areas may be dangerous for tourists but less than the crime rate in the high-tourist areas.

Acapulco in Mexico

Acapulco called "tropical paradise", Acapulco and overlooking the Mexican coast on the Pacific Ocean, a tourist hot spot because of the luxury resorts there and wild nightlife in the city, it resulted in frequent clashes between police and drug gangs to make the city unsafe and became tourists prone to crimes.

Caracas in Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela is known for its picturesque nature, located just a few kilometers from the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by lush green hills that make tourism the great fun. But, Caracas live fighting going on because of the masses of gangs involved in the drug trade, and you should not feel of surprise when you see looting and shooting in the streets.

Havana in Cuba

Attract Havana more than a million tourists a year, making it a destination repeatedly, the capital of Cuba and the largest city in the region, the most populous city the largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean and the third, but crime exists in different forms in Cuba and mentioned that the shooting is scattered where crimes as The murder rate is relatively lower than most Latin American countries.

Kiev in Ukraine

This city has entered the list of the most dangerous cities because of the frequent conflicts and demonstrations of citizens, albeit ticket travel is high, but the price you will pay a high price will be visiting the lack of security and stability in the country.

Sukhumi in Georgia

Even after independence in the city in early 1990, acts of violence and threats of military intervention and terrorism continued. The city famous for the massacre that took place in the year 1993 when a large number of people who are burned alive and in spite of that, they enjoy a wonderful course may ease tension on the population.

Port-au-Prince in Haiti

The police and the judicial system in thwarting many of the crimes and save the victims in Haiti have failed thus sows mistrust and safety in the hearts of tourists who do not see the actions of the security men to protect them in the event of crimes, and that Haiti suffers poverty and the disruption of electricity and water on a daily basis, and despite the fact that Haiti may and look hand.