Ankara describes al-Maliki accused with the help of "Daash" B "rave"

Wednesday 19-08-2015 | 2:18:57

Twilight News / said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman, Tango Bagheij, "It can not be taken delirium Maliki (former Prime Minister of Iraq) resulting from the feeling of guilt, very seriously," in response to recent accusations for Turkey to "support the organization Daash".

The former Iraqi Prime Minister, Vice President of the Republic article, Nuri al-Maliki, the face of accusations of Tehran to Turkey and Erbil, to "help organize Daash in the fall of Mosul in June 2014".

He Bagheij in a written statement, in response to media questions, in this regard, "said al-Maliki, who was in Tehran, accusations against Turkey with the support Daash, is in charge of the President on the crisis, which is taking place in Iraq today, and the resulting policies repressive, and discriminatory, and exclusionary," adding that "the words of al-Maliki, contrary to reason and logic."

Bagheij He pointed out that Daash dominated Mosul, during the period of al-Maliki, the presidency of the Council of Ministers in Iraq, and continued by saying "that 70 thousand soldiers from the Iraqi army, who were under the command of al-Maliki, fled in one day, in front of about 1,500 component of Daash, according to data pointed out, and handed over the city to the organization, it is useful to recall that al-Maliki is on the list of those responsible for the fall of Mosul. "

Bleguej explained that Turkey is fighting Daash next to the international coalition, and consistently provided political, military and humanitarian support for Iraq.

He said the Turkish official, "al-Maliki delirium, stems from his sense of guilt, for his role as the great loss of about a third of Iraq's territory for the benefit of Daash, and killed tens of thousands of people, and the survival of millions of Iraqis homeless."