Source for "information": landing thousand US troops from Alcolmndoz band with heavy equipment in Mosul
Date: 08/19/2015 17:02

Early detection, Wednesday source, for US aircraft landing about a thousand soldiers from the "Alcolmndoz" American band with heavy equipment in the Rabia area of ​​Mosul, stressing that the air bridge is still open to now.
The source said in a statement to Agence / information /, that "To date, the early morning hours since there dropping off air to an area near the silo hand Rabia, west of Mosul, which is under the control of Iraqi security forces," noting that "the number of soldiers reached the thousand troops majority of Alcolmndoz band American with heavy equipment, under the pretext of training of Iraqi forces. "
Wondered the source, who asked not to be named, said, "What need heavy training equipment", noting that "the hand Rabia under the control of the families of the fennel and the forces of Kurdish Peshmerga, but Daash criminal besieged from all sides gangs, explaining that" air bridge is still open until now".
The local residents west of Mosul, reported earlier on Wednesday that the foreign forces conducted an air Anzala silo near Rabia area, asserting that the American soldiers and officers at the head of that force.
He revealed a local source from inside the hand Rabia on Wednesday, about the intention of the US forces set up a fixed base in the pretext of training the sons of the tribes in the west Almousel.anthy / 25 h zones