Al-Mahmoud: the elimination of fine and there is no corruption

08/19/2015 12:58

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Counting Head of the Judiciary Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, Wednesday, the judiciary in Iraq "fine and does not need to be repaired," being a "corruption-free" and not as claimed by some officials.

He said Mahmoud during the special session held by the judiciary to discuss the views and proposals of employees of power components, and I followed "tomorrow Press," that "some of the officials states that the judiciary needs to be reformed, but I would like to make it clear to them that the judiciary in Iraq are safe and free of corruption, and does not need to reform, contrary to their claim. "

"We support the judiciary and to advance this progress we call evolution and development, not reform."

And it held the judiciary on Wednesday, an extraordinary session to discuss the allocated judicial views and proposals of employees of the judiciary in order to develop the components of the process of elimination and consolidation of independence and remove him from the plots that are incompatible with the function and with human rights.