American's desire to extend the mandate of the Barzani!
Date: Wednesday, 19-08-15 02:09 pm

Conducted newspaper the Daily Telegraph, an extensive dialogue with the PKK leader Cemil Pike, on the background of the recent attacks on his supporters in northern Iraq where they reside.
Pike said that "talks with Washington, while the United States considers terrorist organizations," party, "the party's intention to mediate between him and us the Turkish side to end the war and strikes by Turkish aircraft on his supporters.
He added that his call for "America to mediate with the Turkish side is not fear, but the door case for live stability and peace", stressing that he personally refused to fire off, because it is what is going on with his supporters and war must be fought.
And Turkish aircraft attacked militants of PKK positions, killing 20 insurgents.
Labor leader's call on Washington to stop attacks, within the openness to dialogue, calling at the same time to be calm between the two sides, the Washington sponsor and their assurance.
Paek said "of course there are letters and calls and meetings to provide peace initiatives to end the fighting between the two sides, so I repeat my call that the United States is a sponsor of the situation between us and the Turkish side, to give guarantees to stop the war, and if it does not achieve those guarantees, we can take more serious steps against the Turkish side."
And are the clashes between the PKK and the Turkish side is not new, it often calls for workers to independence more than 30 years ago, especially to his credit in the Yezidi rescue from the grip of criminal organization "daash" after the town of Sinjar in Nineveh.
Pike believes that Washington's role in helping him is likely to end the conflict, therefore, seeks to end the war mainly these days.
On the other hand Turkey agrees, ranking member in NATO, with the United States on the PKK as a terrorist organization within lists of terrorism declared by Washington in past years.

Labor leader said during his talks with representatives of the State that his party "is more flexible than the Kurdish parties which it considers America her girlfriend, and explain the role of the party in combat uppalapati to rid the region of militant folks daash criminal, so that his owners live in remote mountain slopes".
The leaks about secret talks between representatives of labor and state labor leader spoke of "hegemony of Massoud Barzani, the Kurdistan region," stay in the Presidency of the territory, "the beginning of the dictatorship ruling in favour of one party."
For his part, hinted us State representatives the possibility of reaching agreement with the PKK on stop Kurdish offices in prosecuting militants of the workers, they helped the Yezidi religion more than any force when the militants arrived in the town of Sinjar daash in August last year.