Economy and Investment: We found a mechanism for Customs substantial economic Bmrdodat

By mostafa emed

nine fifty-two 19/08/2015

Brother - Baghdad

He said the economic and investment commission parliamentary member Harith al-Harthy, the Commission has developed a new mechanism and controls on the entry of imported materials and export of commercial materials to and from Iraq, where this mechanism will generate significant economic returns in coordination with the General Authority for Customs and Border directorates.

The federal government began to apply the law of customs tariff in the first of August / August in all the border crossings after the postponement of the project for two months at the request of the Kurdistan region.

He said Al-Harthy's (IMN) that "the Economic Commission seeks to rely on other alternative for oil imports, and benefit from them economically, and by relying on imports from fees and customs tariffs imposed on imported and exported materials to and from the country."

The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary earlier, to start the application of the customs tariff law will reflect positively on the domestic economic situation, as shown that the financial revenue accruing from the application of the law will be small compared with revenue planned for non-readiness of the infrastructure.

Harthy said that "the economic and investment commission working to find appropriate solutions, in cooperation and coordination with federal ministries about frozen laws, and develop appropriate solutions to those laws, which, if it did, it comes great economic Bmrdodat of the country."

Iraq relies on annual financial revenue on the export of oil by as much as to about 97%, and is seeking through legal legislation package to activate the industrial, agricultural and commercial side, to ensure the development of additional financial revenue along with oil revenues.