Unknown fate awaits .. If Maliki returned from Tehran 8/18
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Thread: Unknown fate awaits .. If Maliki returned from Tehran 8/18

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    Unknown fate awaits .. If Maliki returned from Tehran 8/18

    Unknown fate awaits .. If Maliki returned from Tehran

    After deputies presidencies and «limbering» Abadi moves against hundreds of advisers

    Last update: Tuesday -August 18, 2015

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa al-Obeidi and Manaf

    Vice President of the Republic of Iraq article Nuri al-Maliki faces an uncertain fate in the event of his return from his current visit to Tehran, especially after the referral Public files fall of Mosul, the rest of the accused to justice, according to political sources confirmed the «Middle East».

    Politician said early, who asked not to be identified, or the political party to which he belongs, said that «Maliki started to lose a lot of maneuvering opportunities which was owned by», adding that «Maliki out of the vice president would make him in direct confrontation with the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and his group inside State of Law coalition and the Dawa Party (Atzaamanma who belongs to them first and second). » And whether al-Maliki will return to Baghdad or stay in Tehran, the Iraqi politician said: «Maliki will return, and probably (tomorrow) Thursday, because in the absence or delay his return will end the political future». And whether it still has the power source through the popular militia factions in the crowd and in the context of its relationship with Iran, the source said: «chance even at this level began to decline».

    On the other hand, after canceling vice presidents, ministers and Parliament, and its Abolition and incorporate Ministries in order to «feminine» his government, al-Abadi initiated yesterday to abolish the positions of hundreds of advisers, which will provide for the treasury of millions of dollars a month. Ebadi said in a statement that «building on what was in the reforms that we presented and approved by the Council of Ministers package approved by the House of Representatives, we have decided to cancel the posts of advisers in the ministries Outsourcing whether the owners fixed or temporary and determine the advisers of the three presidencies five advisers for each presidency».

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