Abadi in Habronema cabinet meeting: Cancel positions and not against a caution hamper reforms
the Council of Ministers held on Tuesday, its first regular government after reducing the number of its members in the presence of all the ministers of the 22 under the chairmanship of President of the Council Haider al-Abadi.
The Abadi, during the meeting, according to a statement his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, as a "past in the procedures and packages reformist nor irreversible, and warned the owners of the privileges and corrupt who are trying to obstruct the reform process by mixing leaves and a character popular claims about its real purpose."
He also stressed Prime Minister "on the measures taken to reduce the number of ministries and merge to each other and the abolition of positions, is in order to reduce the slack in the state facilities and make it more effective, which is not directed against a particular block or for specific people, does not mean that the office canceled the owners are accused of corruption, we will not hesitate referral of those involved with corruption on the judiciary to undermine his punishment fair Whatever his status, and will not take us right to blame.
"gave Abadi, in the beginning of the meeting as the statement said," a briefing on the military situation in Anbar and Salah al-Din, stressing that the military operation is going according to plan and that Daash gangs receive fatal blows at the hands of our fighters heroes.
"The statement pointed out that" the Council of Ministers discussed a number of issues, and has taken several decisions, including the establishment of the Compensation Committee in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of direct compensation to the victims of the terrorist attacks in granular and beautiful areas in Baghdad and Howaider in Diyala, and take the necessary steps to rebuild the shops and markets affected by the measures.
"briefed the Council of Ministers," a detailed report about the risks to some production sites or services and in particular the oil sites in Basra and other provinces to threaten the security and disrupt the extraction, transportation and distribution activities.
"He said the Council" on What is guaranteed by the Constitution of the right to demonstrate the project, and his refusal to encroach upon the sanctity of property and oil production sites, and is overrun by illegality and affect the life interests of the citizens and the country, and the financing of the war effort to counter terrorism Daash.
"He said that" for the purpose of ensuring the safety procedures in the transfer of powers to the provinces that have been approved in the top coordinating body on August 1 meeting in 2015 the Council of Ministers confirmed to take action to ensure compliance with the decisions in question, and requires strict adherence to the supreme body coordinating approved by the Council of Ministers resolution, and emphasized that these decisions have the force of law, and that the Governor or the provincial council which beyond that is exposed to legal accountability.
"The Council of Ministers discussed the Aalmatarouhh issues on its agenda and took the necessary decisions Bhonha.anthy