Liquidity disappearance

Author: Yasser incumbent

8/19/2015 0:00

We had previously warned of deflation in a previous column, and there are signs appear, one Fajtvae liquidity indicators, yes disappearance and not incompleteness, or lack thereof, accompanied by disabling the economy rings and its lifetime actually, the question is what to do about this phenomenon?

The market one of the leading means of detecting stages of recovery of the economic cycle, and then the recession and then the recession and conclude recession, so Vqratha important and necessary to address the effects of the economic cycle that are painful sometimes many, especially in such harsh circumstances, which passes by the country due to low Aiardth because of the collapse of the source oil prices President and almost the only and accompanied it confront gangs (Daash) Alarhabiyh.alve concerns us here to discuss how to sustain liquidity for the sustainability of the market because it is illogical to rely entirely on foreign exchange reserves, although he safety valve to cope with economic disasters in most countries of the world, needed to activate to attract and provide liquidity, especially chunky, estimated at billions of dollars and the need for her husband in the market to ensure capital turnover, including the Evrgh of liquidity and overcome the effects of Alaguetsadah.and session review the reasons for compactness Profile appear before you, the issue of weak banking culture and the banking behavior that we talked about in previous columns in how to handle the banking sector with customers, so it requires the need for a critical review of the performance of the banking and correct the path .. How? .sahih That the banking sector has been subjected to the problems that led to the deepening of non-performing debts and difficult to restore because of the window old laws that prevent courts from the sale of private property, which are guarantees given by the customer in exchange for credits obtained and caused reluctance to lend, but such cases have been processed and now to be issued guarantor legislation .. How?. The exercise of the banking activity required by the laws or urgent government measures of the most important set up a company to guarantee deposits to reassure depositors their money and deposit it in banks instead of Aktnazha where will provide liquidity that promotes economic activity and contribute to market recovery and clearance of the effects of deflation and thus Depression forbid Allah.hzh encouraging measures to deposit money in banks will contribute in addition to providing liquidity to maintain the money from the demise of Akiemha and damage that may infect a result of compactness and out of reach of thieves, banks claim the program heuristic and incentives encouraging the creation of new banking culture and accepted correction the path of the banking behavior of economic cooperation with the press and the media.