The word Vice President of the Republic at the World Conference of the Union of Islamic radio and television in Tehran

In the name of God the Merciful Thank God Almighty, and we use it, and pray and to recognize the ring of his apostles, and the family of his purified family and his family the good guys Excellency Mr. representative of the Islamic Revolution leader esteemed Mr. Chairman esteemed Conference Ladies and Gentlemen Honorees attendance pleasure for me to stand before you pause reverence and obeisance and you Tmscon the reins of one of the most dangerous fronts of the struggle of our Islamic nation with the does not want the goodness and righteousness; the enemies of external and internal; you are cultural, media and journalistic and artistic Muslim elite patient generous sacrificial which depend upon the nation of the ends of the earth to the fullest; to publish committed to free speech aimed sincere responsible, and contributing to the dissemination of culture Justice and goodness and peace, love and reform. While the media is seeking to counter the spiritual, cultural and ideological subversion, and a culture of ignorance and hatred and blasphemy and terrorism. Fboidikm destroys the right edifices falsehood and builds humanitarian and Islamic Alazim.alta model recommended by the Prophet Mohammed mercy of God and prayers be upon him. Perhaps the generous initiative which ended founded Athadkm blessed; Islamic Union for radio and television; is one of the unique initiatives leading; that you can, thanks to come together this great qualitative number under one roof; and all of you is an important media outlet;
for Tbgesoa in the prospects for the development of media discourse committed in close hopes of the nation and pains and aspirations, and in the development and implementation of this speech means and methods and tools; commensurate with the size of the goals and challenges, and the requirements of scientific and technological development talk. There is no doubt that the color of the speech is one of the most prominent Massadik call to the way of God with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and the most direct ways to influence and polarization and persuasion, and at the lowest cost in material terms; Compared with the call to falsehood, injustice and aggression; which is making huge amounts of money and make fun of human energies and Media; but seeking in vain; because the media is to inform you initially committed to honest, opponents and the media is to inform the nation and is paid initially and false.

Dear brothers and sisters .. I do not think that a number of basic things absent from your studies and your plans and Tnziratkm process; however, I feel obliged to mention them; to contribute together to build a media purposefully honest professional strong in his speech and in his tools and wide spread. Crown honor to be with you in this difficult task Semitism. Among the most prominent of these things: First, harmony with the needs of the nation and the requirements and challenges of Maausbandha, and taking into account the priorities in raising issues and topics in quality and quantity. Perhaps the most important of these issues is to confront takfirist media terrorism embodied branching groups of faith Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, and the state media incubator, exposing its plans and statement false and undressing in front of the nation; but the whole world; because of this belief to Ataada Muslims and by; it is at loggerheads with everything human. As well as for the matter to inform the Israeli Zionist ideology; twin Wahhabi doctrine. Both faiths local, regional and global Hawwadhanha; possess fleets of advanced media in its technology; that is not limited her speech to promote atonement, terrorism, racism, sectarianism and hatred concepts; but Taataadaha social vandalism and moral corruption and transmit the political chaos and the destruction of human taste.

This is what makes your task in organizing priorities and implementation requirements; in order to demolish this speech and the speech committed to building authentic responsible to the Islamic law and humanitarian objectives; a difficult task but not impossible. Second: emphasis on the moral and spiritual vision committed to aesthetic expressions in all media and technical material, whether in the field of news, programs or drama or entertainment or Songs and diverse materials, not only in this aspect to the religious and moral Pure Software. Fmcarm ethics sent for which the Noble Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and his family) not limited to particular religious practice sense; it can accommodate every angle and detailed in our individual and social. Story is moot and cash equivalents, for example, should all the meanings of ethics of absolute credibility in form and content, and the commitment is reflected in the presentation and style.

Thus in infotainment and all productions in all media and arts fields. Third: qualitative development in the professional side and in the side media technologies; both in the modernization of methods and means of speech or appearing in the latest technology and investment technical and engineering equipment; commensurate with the nature of the world and the rapid development and great in this area. But it should pay attention that this not be the professional and technical modernization on the originality and constants legitimacy and moral account. Fourth, broaden the distribution of our media department; both on space and terrestrial broadcast-mail; which is supposed to enter all the homes of Muslims, and covers the whole ground ball, or at the level of the expansion of languages ​​spoken by these means circle level. The task let us know not limited to those committed to religious or national or political or Muslims; it can accommodate children of all human beings; all religious, national and linguistic affiliation; this is the geographical circle and humanity which moves and principles of Islam. Fifth: not only the government and categorical funding in the establishment of our media and running; it tee with full force in the civil Rehab investment capital. Vmojtmatna given the presence of large numbers of businessmen, traders and owners of capital. And it believes in a section of the importance of these media, art, and can convince others also. It can be through the use of these; finding dozens of satellite channels and institutions of civil artistic production. Dear beloved ..

These observations to Evrdha reality and by; but also motivates us to it a sense of the possibility of the arrival let us know and our art to the world; a commitment, professionalism and capacity; in view of the qualitative development and good quantitative witnessed in the media our own during the last two decades; and who watch the fruit today in your faces bright and wonderful your efforts. All thanks and love to you from your brothers in Iraq; that we made ​​it .. bringing his concerns and the concerns of its people; to share with you the work of your conference and your activities. Our thanks go to Athadkm blessed, and the Islamic Republic of Iran that support this important activity; which demonstrates the strategic planning in all areas of depth; and who stands behind it Eminence Imam Khamenei (long live). We find ourselves in full harmony with the constructive efforts of the Islamic Republic in all Maidam opposition front in the region. Praise be to Allah, peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, Vice President of August 16 / August 2015 the Republic of Iraq .