Near the adoption of electronic ration card

Fired and the Ministry of Commerce comprehensive plan and financial management reforms in the joints in conjunction with the reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, revealing that the reforms will include a review of Bmlakat actors on the supply and management of the ration card while seeking to implement e-card instead of paper to receive vocabulary.
The Administrative and Financial Department in the Ministry chief Mohamed Agloh special permit for "morning": that the Minister of Commerce Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim adopted a series of comprehensive reforms since his accession to office, persisting that after the announcement of the reforms adopted by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, instructed Abdul Karim firing pack new financial and administrative reforms which asserts that it in line with public demands this Alhon.obin the reforms launched by the ministry, and put a top priority of the ration card items in terms of file import their own food, with a focus on delivery to citizens in various parts of the country and international origins solid and within a specified time timing, noting that the ministry despite the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country, was able to provide the ration card items in the general areas of the country, as well as provided urgently for the displaced families.
Agloh stressed that his ministry spent one billion and $ 100 million until the beginning of this month allocated ration card, which amounted allocations during the current year budget, two billion dollars only compared to (5-7) billion dollars during the previous years, articulating the ministry has sought to apply the card project electronic rather than paper, who stressed that he would eliminate the financial and administrative corruption utilities to file full ration.
On the staffs responsible for the ration card file, he pointed out that his ministry is working at the present time to reconsider personnel files and those responsible for mentioned in all joints of the general managers file into sections and the people officials in the relevant this circuit, explained that the aim is to assess their work and therefore the dimensions of It proved its failure in this aspect during the last term.
It is said that the ministry had threatened earlier in a press release her from what she called (corrupt) and (losers) in my services and the ration card management, procedures punitive deterrent.