300 pushing a new car project Baghdad taxi

The Ministry of Transport is preparing viscous 300 new car to Baghdad taxi project, bringing the number to 505, the project is usually the best proof of the success of the joint work between the public and private sector, and a successful example of what you intend to work in other projects in the future. A source in the Information Office of the Ministry of special permission for «morning» that the ministry had plunged at the beginning of the application of the Taxi Airport 205 cars, adding that he and following its success, it is preparing viscous 300 other car after completion of the transactions set drivers right what will contribute to increase the daily revenue earned and thus Van achieved economic feasibility of transportation company delegations and passengers will double its subsidiaries, pointing out that the investor pays for the salaries of 205 markets, in addition to the 36 staff were expensed paid by travelers intervention company. In the same regard, a press release by the Information Office said in the ministry and got «morning» a copy of it, that the project contributed to employ approximately 600 people between the administrative and the driver, in addition to the entry of citizens to the airport much easier way than it was before the operation of the project. He said the project contributed to the provision of security and safety of the citizen through the taxi, as all drivers known to the administration and the ministry, noting that the ministry has provided new services for citizens through the implementation of an investment project without one dinar exchange rate of the budget Amh.uad project statement, the best proof of the success of the joint work between the public and private sector, which is a successful example of what the ministry intends to work in other projects, stressing that the ministry will continue to encourage investors to develop major projects within other air, sea and land transport sectors, as well as ports.