Electricity: We seek to reach 15 000 MW power by investing

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Announced the Ministry of Electricity, Tuesday, it is seeking to reach the 15 000 MW power by investing, as indicated that they refer Basmaja stations in Baghdad and Rumaila in Basra investment. The official spokesman for the ministry Musab teacher in an interview with Alsumaria News , that "the ministry is seeking to get to power 15 000 MW by investment contracts to be added to the national system," adding, "it was the assignment of 8000 MW of power by investing at Add station Samawa to invest. " The teacher added that "the ministry assignment Basmaja station in Baghdad for investment, in addition to the Rumaila station in Basra, Samawa, as well as a display terminal for investment," pointing out that "the ministry is also seeking to refer the station Maysan during the next few days. " And the Ministry of Electricity announced on 17 August for the current high production capacity to 13 000 MW after processing five million liters of fuel. The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi held on Friday (July 31, 2015), held an emergency meeting with Minister of Electricity and ministry staff to follow up the electricity problems and weakening the system and the need to make further efforts to increase the hours of processing power to citizens and the fight against corruption ", as called for ministers and officials to take to the field For the citizens' problems and find solutions to them.

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