Parliament Speaker: Adviser to form a committee to develop a mechanism for the administrative work of the new ministries

Speaker of the House adviser said he was forming a committee in the Council of Ministers to put an administrative mechanism for the work of the new ministries.
And between honest Mohi Alwan he told all of Iraq [where], "it was form a committee comprising a number of advisers who are in the prime minister to put an administrative mechanism for the work of the new ministries that were announced merged, adding that" until now did not announce the names of the problem characters Committee ". He added that "there are legal and administrative loopholes in the decision announced by the Commission but the problem will take it upon themselves to fill the gaps in question." He explained that "a period of two weeks is not enough to declare the results of the Commission on the gaps in the work of the ministries and probably will take a month to disclose the results.
The Abadi may last Sunday decided to reduce the number of cabinet members to be 22 members in addition to the Prime Minister, rather than 33 members within the second package of Aslahat.anthy