Jubouri awaiting judicial reform paper identifies glitches and check reconciliation

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse August -18 / August: The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Tuesday, for the issuance of a judicial reform paper to see how kinks judicial work of the Foundation and reconciliation.

She adviser Jubouri for national reconciliation and unity Jumaili in a statement received L / Iraq Press /, a copy of "House Speaker Salim al-called judicial institution to present a paper reform lawsuit to complete the paper government reform issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and voted on by the Parliament, which backed paper Parliamentary reform voted on by the Parliament as well. "

She added that the "call-Jubouri to present a paper reform of the judicial come to show the reforms that it is possible to size the judiciary be performed and detect glitches and highlight some of the gaps in the judiciary, which is possible to derail the achievement of national reconciliation, including those related to the issuance of an arrest or how Memoirs Action circles investigation in addition to the targeting of some of the political and religious symbols. "

Jumaili stressed that "everyone today need to invest in government paper and parliamentary reform to reform one way or another judicial system because it is a fundamental pillar of the democratic system and all of them completed the reforms."
Aljbreue call came hours after the refusal of the Supreme Judicial Council, the unanimous request for the boss Medhat al-Mahmoud referred him to retire, as he emphasized that the public interest requires its survival in Mansbh.anthy (1)