Dhi Qar calls for the withdrawal of Nasiriyah water project executing company and find out the fate of his money

It called Dhi Qar province, the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, to initiate the withdrawal of the new water Nasiriyah, from executing company and open an investigation into the causes of reluctance to work and delayed achievement in spite of the expiry of him. A statement of the province, on Tuesday, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of, say, the first vice-governor just Aldechala "The work for the second phase of the new Nasiriyah water project on the establishment of water plant ten thousand cubic meters per hour, stalled after that slowed completion, which reached about 12% in spite of the huge sums of money paid to the company by the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, which are not consistent with the percentage of completion stages. " He pointed to "address the relevant ministry and its demand to withdraw the work from the company implemented as soon as possible and find out the fate of the money spent on the project and the right to take the necessary legal procedures." "The stop is not in the interest of the city of Nasiriyah, which relies heavily on the project in solving the scarcity of drinking water crisis and serve large cities within the province to deliver water to Nasiriyah center and Batha and Shatra and market the Senate and the Garraf," stressing "the need for a better solutions make the province of Dhi Qar province advanced their projects. " The first deputy governor of Dhi Qar announced the halt of more than 200 service project against the backdrop of the current financial crisis and the weakness of the ministries concerned to follow up this Almcharaa.anthy