Integrity Commission announced the investigation with officials on charges of corruption and denies anonymity

Integrity Commission announced the investigation with officials on charges of corruption files. The head of the agency Hassan al-Yassiri Commission, responding to a question about the publication of the names of the Commission for officials accused of corruption and prevent them from traveling "the Commission did not publish the names because otherwise law publication, and may cause Htka of the sanctity of the people who are still under investigation." He said that the publication of names "is not only just for convicts, and are not responsible for what is published in the sites or the media." The Integrity Commission, announced last Friday circulation of the names of the accused issues of corruption at airports and border crossings to prevent them from traveling, while the Judicial Council decided Supreme yesterday the formation of a specialized integrity issues courts of appeal centers all, and activating the role of the public prosecutor in moving the crimes committed public funds in Baghdad and all the provinces with Cancel Administrative Order, which connects public prosecution departments headed by Appeal, with the award of public prosecution independence in the performance of his duties according to the law. " The House vote Tuesday, the beams governmental and parliamentary reforms included a focus on the past and present open the files of corruption and the fight against corruption, in response to the directives of the Supreme religious authority and the demands of the demonstrators.
For his part, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in 12 this August, "he would not defend a corrupt or invalid and there is no target in the reform process and the fight against the corrupt and the reform process we go out with full force and we will strike with an iron fist on the corrupt," adding that "the process will not be easy, but painful and corrupt will not be silenced, and the owners of franchises, but we will not be silenced, we will go to another job in the fight against the corrupt and repair the situation, ".anthy