Parliamentary investment: the investment law will raise soon to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives

2015/8/18 13:43

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced to the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary proof Mamouri, on Tuesday, the lifting of the Investment Law to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in the next few days.
Said Mamouri told {Euphrates News} today that "the Committee of Economy is serious in its work, we have held intensive meetings concerning some important laws, especially support public and private sectors and manufacturers, including self-financing companies that once covered the country with all local products."

He added that "there are conferences and guidance from within the reform package, of loans 5 trillion that have been developed to support industrial and agricultural banks, housing, investment, and expansion of local production lines, and how to protect this product, and activating the customs tariff, and border crossings, and put the task in order not to leak products, or imported to break the local product. "

He stressed that "the Committee in the process of raising the investment law for the purpose of voting on it in the next few days, and will be us real pause investment as a committee," referring to "the existence of important proposals for the advancement of economic reality in the country."

The committee of economy and investment have searched earlier that the Authority with the National Investment and heads of investment managers in ministries and state institutions all the latest amendments to the investment law, which the Commission intends to put to the House of Representatives for a vote Gariba.anthy