Security forces pushed into Central Ramadi and approaching edited full
AUGUST 18TH, 2015

With a large refraction among organization daash
Baghdad-Al-shammari's promise:
All military units moved into its deep in gray, near the State mosque, in front of big refraction among organization daash who left during the last hours are also important sites on the Western and Northern fronts, as fierce clashes pitted on the gate of the headquarters of the Anbar operations.
At the political level, to be held today in Anbar, Baghdad conference attended by Presidents of Government liberalization of Haidar Al-Ibadi, House Saleem Al-jubouri, aims to develop a clear strategy in dealing with terrorist organizations and expelled from the regions of the province fully.
A crisis cell, "says a member of Anbar Ghanem alaivan told the" new morning ", that" the security forces with the support of the crowd and tribal volunteers have made progress since Saturday night by twenty street axis encirclements of gray. "
Alaivan continued that "these troops around the corner from the Grand State Mosque is currently in the city centre and can be reached at any moment."
"The significant decline of this axis daash elements under the attacking forces" signed, pointing out that "the enemy suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment."
For his part, Anbar provincial Council Member Karim Al-karbouli that progress from the southern hub is in two phases.
"The attacking forces stormed 20 street the night of Olympic Stadium hand but pulled out for fear of having mined houses".
But he said that "another attack got the region with sunrise, keeping land permanently.
He pointed to "another attack on security forces in the Western hub through which was able to control the area seven km.
And on the North, confirming Al-karbouli had been editing police station glory, currently fighting near Anbar operations command headquarters gate ".
While affirming that "the noose is tightening around the constant elements, daash said that" all the entries and the outskirts of the city are freed, however, predicted that "the next few days a complete cleansing of grey".
He had "not left ldaash only the city center and the main areas are: Street doctors, government complex and the Russians, as well as albozeiab areas where operational command of Anbar province and the provincial Council, as well as sections of the albofrag on the island.
A relevant level, reveals karbouli "Conference to be held Saturday in Baghdad to discuss liberalization of Anbar."
He will be in the presence of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Salim Al-jubouri House, as well as members of the Government of Anbar, local military leaders. "
"The Conference will discuss the file restore areas of daash, keeping the land policy, as well as how interaction between the security forces and the local government in all areas, notably in the war against terrorism."
"The Conference will produce important recommendations in particular to support the efforts of the security forces in all their facing dash".