Deputy: the vote on the most important laws during the current legislative term


Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: MP said al-Obeidi beautiful national coalition, Tuesday, that the current legislative term will vote on a lot of important laws on parliamentary reform paper, especially since most of the House of Representatives have the desire to provide services to the people.
Said al-Obeidi for "tomorrow Press," that "the sectarian quotas that brought Iraq to this case because the government formed on the basis of floating is difficult for the prime minister to provide services where, and this is also reflected in the Parliament to pass the laws," pointing out that "the draft laws in the past Do not expose to vote unless they are approved by the heads of some of the political blocs. "
He added that "the current parliament most of his deputies have a desire to change and make the work of the citizen, and the back of the demonstrations gave them more motivation to pass important laws that particular paper parliamentary reforms include the adoption of important laws," and hoped that "recognizes the most important laws in the current legislative term by Mauad the President of the Parliament as a law and the law of parties, oil and gas, is one of the important laws that were postponed because of the many sectarian ".