The Washington Times: Arbil feud over oil deal to Baghdad deepen financial distress

08/18/2015 19:30

Translation tomorrow Press / Baghdad: newspaper "The Washington Times" the US said in an extended report on the oil deal between Baghdad and Erbil, said that the growing frustration among the Kurds about the Kurdish government to the area for the sale of crude oil is the project under the pretext of dam personnel expenses after cutting the Kurdish government allocations by Previous central government.

Since last June, the two governments agreed on a common formula for the sale of oil, forgetting at the same time past their differences, and this case has intensified the Government of Arbil from sales of crude oil, but it also carried with breaches, including the increased sale of oil to increase its imports to cover expenses and the costs of the war against al-Daash as claimed by the Government of Arbil .

Iraqi analyst Gordon Perry, a researcher at the Versk Institute of the Foundation Maplecroft consulting and risk which is based in the capital, the London-based says that "step the provincial government is very provocative, and on Baghdad not to consider favorably on it and it is possible to return the problems unless the deal with the legal challenges between the two parties ".

In the last year it forced Baghdad to freeze payments of Arbil, after the sale of oil Kurds in isolation from the central government positions, and was a legal Baghdad to deter Arbil from the sale of oil, is also entitled to Baghdad also deter buyers of crude oil because it is considered theft.

Because of the legal gel between the two governments, the oil tanker stopped in Texas for months at sea because it can not unload its cargo of crude oil because it is coming from the Kurdish regional government is licensed to sell Iraqi oil under the then approval by the Iraqi Oil Ministry, until the US Court decided in the US state return tanker included.

And formed dominance militants Daash on the northern and western territory, a sort of agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on fighting extremist organization, the two sides left their differences and Ancgla war against the terrorist organization, until the parties to reach Agltsidir oil through Turkey under the auspices and supervision of the central government.

The agreement as it is known, included sending yields 550 barrels of oil through a pipeline linking northern Iraq, the Turkish port of Ceyhan that extends along the Mediterranean Sea, and in return get the provincial government from the center billion dollars a month.
The sharp drop in world oil prices and the tension of the country financially and politically, making the price per barrel of oil to $ 50 during months 12 years, and at the same time, he became fighting against militants Daash in the case of drain enormous resources despite the help of the United States and the Iraqi-win military and Kurdish, who arrived in the billions .

As a result, much less than the payments Kurdistan Baghdad which did not exceed $ 450 million remained, according to the certificates of the Kurds.

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Sven Dzia said "we can not cope with the financial difficulties in Baghdad, particularly that controlled by the extremist organization areas there are oil wells, which hold the situation dramatically."