El-Badri: removal of corrupt judges will restore prestige to the country's law


(Independent) .. He said the National Alliance MP Ahmed Salal al-Badri, that "the removal of corrupt judges will restore the prestige of the law to the country.

Badri said in a press statement on Tuesday that "the government and parliamentary reforms received a welcome from the Iraqi street, on the grounds that these demands came from the womb of the street did not materialize the will of the political parties and blocs."

He added that "assurances upper reference develop and paper reforms the Iraqi judiciary must be achieved with the appreciation of an independent judiciary, but there are some corrupt judges who abuse the judicial authority, and to the reforms going correctly there must be reforms within the judicial institution."

"It makes it imperative for the judiciary incompetent judges mode, in terms of the investigation and the court of public prosecution and judicial supervision and other even moving the country in the right direction and restore the prestige of law to the country."