A member of the parliamentary legality: Finance and Planning's recommendation in 2016 to complete the budget before the end of December

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Legal Committee member of the parliamentary Hassan Turan stressed that the legal and financial committees Alniabaten will work on the study of the budget next year, pointing out that the Parliamentary Legal recommended that the Ministries of Planning and Finance to complete 2016 budget and send it to parliament before the end of the month of December next.

And between Turan's (IMN) that "the parliamentary financial and legal parliamentary coordinate with the Ministries of Planning and Finance to end the 2016 budget and send it to parliament for approval and passed."

The parliamentary finance committee formed earlier, the Committee is composed of 6 mini members to work on the amendment ladder salaries law.

Tauran pointed out that "it is supposed to be a short duration of the adoption of the budget until the federal government be able to put the necessary plans for new projects in the light of the budget next year."

The parliamentary finance committee and announced earlier, a tendency to reduce the ministries and bodies and government agencies spending to its lowest level in order to reduce the fiscal deficit in the federal budget size.