Transportation agree to implement the airport project Kirkuk International

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Announced by the Commission services Parliamentary princess Zangana, Tuesday, for the approval of the Ministry of Transport to implement the airport project Kirkukinternational, with the Government of Kirkuk called for coordination with the ministry to complete the foundation stone of the project development of procedures.

She said Zangana in a statement Sumerian received News copy of it, "the Ministry of Transport approved the implementation of Kirkuk airport project," indicating that "Kirkuk province has an economic weight and population and geographic position to be a competitive commercial cities in the region and the Middle East, it is a pity they do not have international civilian airports until this day, in spite of all the good things that have them. "

She Zangana, that "obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Transport for the establishment of Kirkuk International Airport is an important step in seeking to promote the importance of maintaining and providing critical infrastructure to cause a real aversion in economic and service and commercial reality," pointing out that "the opening of an international airport in Kirkuk will have a significant role in facilitating travel citizens and encourage investment and investors and traders to create more investment and strategic projects, especially in the field of oil services and construction industry. "

Zangana called Kirkuk Provincial Council and their portfolios to "coordinate with the Ministry of Transport to complete the legal and administrative procedures for the foundation stone for this large and strategic project, which will happen in a large transmission, the reality of economic and trade put the province."

The new provincial council in Kirkuk, in (3 September 2013), its call for the Iraqi Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority supported by the province and the decision to establish a civilian airport in Kirkuk, noting that the province has a fully equipped airports and require only administrative approvals for rehabilitation.