Port staff are demonstrating to demand the distribution of plots and exchange profits
Tuesday, 18 August 2015 - 14:34

Dozens of the General Company for Ports staff in Iraq this morning in front of the company building in the central region stronghold of Basra to demand the distribution of pieces of land and payment of annual profits and the addition of military service on the years of service to them.

A number of employees of the company for the radio and they tow since 2003, suffering from mismanagement and lack of access to entitlements of annual earnings and the allocation of plots and ceiling increase their salaries, as well as some were transferred to other provinces because of the exit of the demonstration.

One Mndma demonstration Salem Habib said, who works as a security guard for the company for Iraqi ports Mrbd they are demanding Bozafh military service to the years of service in the company is to raise the ceiling on salaries, and also profits from the company disbursed annually as well as adding extra working hours.

To that between the director of media relations for the company and the Iraqi ports Anmar net they held a meeting with representatives of the demonstration today to get to all the demands which he described as legitimate and right to claim the demonstrators solutions.

He pointed across his interview with Radio tow to the port company raised the ceiling of financial incentives adherents to 30%.

Safi added that some of the demands need Muaga ministerial will be sent to the ministry to reach quick solutions spare land and raise the ceiling on monthly salaries.