Urgent. Prevention of "ahamdabdallh" of travel. And open files proving his involvement with corruption!
Date: Tuesday, 18-08-15 12:06 pm

Mp Mishan Al-jubouri revealed, on the decision of the Commission of integrity by preventing former Governor and Minister Ahmed Abdallah Al-Juburi from travel and open all files.
Al-jubouri said, "preach the sons of Salahuddin province that the judges of the integrity Commission issued a decision preventing former Governor and current Minister Ahmed Abdullah Al-jubouri and successor to re-open all the files that have already been falsely and wrongly closed."
He said "I promise good news regarding the rest end in a few days and you will see them begin behind bars"
The integrity Committee in the Chamber of Deputies Commission revealed more than 90 file corruption to the prosecution, showed that the files current and former Ministers condemned.