Waeli calls for the elimination doing its part in resolving the fall of Mosul and point the finger and failing to file a public trial

Tue Aug 18 2015 00:37 | (Voice of Iraq) - Statement student Presidential Advisor Engineer Sherwan Waeli the judiciary to carry out its role in the resolution of the fall of Mosul and point the finger of failing and prosecute public file. Waili said in a statement that the release of the investigative committee's decision in the case of the fall of Mosul important As of this file of great importance in Iraq and the spread of corruption and crimes at the hands of mercenaries Aldoaash and their clients. he is adding that "the fall of the city of Mosul was the reason for dropping more than one-third of Iraq and the violation of symptoms and shedding and bloodshed Iraqi, whether they are fighters nullifying or innocent civilians and also behind the fall of Mosul end infrastructure infrastructure for many of Iraq's cities in the western regions, "adding," that what is happening in Iraq of fierce battles and the many crimes and sabotage the effects of the country was caused by bad Husbandry and the absence of the elements of an efficient with discreet military competence has been interest in the past in number and not in the competence and training, equipping and preparing military advanced Iraqi army and local forces. "noting that" leaders who Vchlo in the performance of military duties must be brought to justice and also must be chosen leaders in the hot spots carefully and according to the principle of competence, experience, competence and integrity, and also must be there for the specialized committees to follow up the work of the security leaders today and plans military and evaluation and is it fruitful in the eradication of terrorism, in order to marinate in the previous mistakes again. "urged" that the judiciary role in the resolution of this file and point the finger of failing and tried publicly to reassure the Iraqi people and be consolidated in his mind that the judiciary say his word, a safety valve To save real unity and sovereignty of Iraq and its people. "Information Office of the engineer Sherwan Aloila

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