Lebanese security .. held a leading role in advocacy and his wife party .. red-handed smuggling huge amounts of money and the alloys of gold!
Date: Mon 08/17/2015

Informed sources, that the Lebanese customs authorities detained within them millions of dollars and gold bullion.
The sources said: "These bags belonging to two people a man and a woman who says she is his wife holding diplomatic passports."
He added that "the two claimed that the bags belonging to the official Iraqi high-level source on condition of anonymity," asserting that "the Lebanese authorities are now conducting investigations in this regard with the hand on the bags."
The source said that "the detainees contacted prominent third-party in one of the Iraqi Islamic party, which in turn sent them envoys from the Islamic Dawa Party, residents in Lebanon.
"He pointed out that" The investigation of this issue going on until now ", refusing to disclose names of detainees.
The country has seen over the past few weeks a wave of major protests to demand the elimination of financial corruption and administrative system and to bring the