News Time with BGG 8/17/15
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    News Time with BGG 8/17/15

    BGG: Hey gang - Let's do News Time a little different tonite??
    BGG: Shall we??
    BGG: More like the "Original Round Table" Calls...
    BGG: lemme call Mr White.

    BGG: Guess not - let's do this though - you all bring the News that you are interested in (and there's a lot of it!!) - I'll make some comments and then open up for ??'s on it??
    BGG: deal??
    BGG: Hold 1 sec and I'll get a piece of News to start us off...

    BGG: Jubouri: We have no right to delete any name from Mosul report

    BGG: The head of the parliament Saleem al-Jubour

    i, on Monday, the House of Representatives does not have the right to delete any name mentioned in the report of the fall of Mosul, while pointing out that the report was written neutrally and did not exclude a paragraph or a name and did not succumb to pressure...

    BGG: This piece was all about the mention of Maliki as the key figure in the report.
    BGG: he and his people wanted his name off it and those currently in charge wouldn't take his name off...
    BGG: Very cool piece.

    Robl: Do we know where Maliki is at the present? Iran, Iraq?

    BGG Robl: I am suspicious - he may be in Iran.

    snowhite: Has there been an arrest warrant issued for Maliki?

    BGG snowhite: I doubt it - a bit early just yet...

    BGG snowhite: here is an interesting piece...

    BGG snowhite: Judicial Council unanimously rejects the request Medhat al-Mahmoud refer it to the retirement

    BGG: Demonstrators in Tahrir Square Day (14 August 2015) carrying a banner demanding the resignation of the President of the Judicial Council imaging Mahmoud Raouf The Supreme Judicial Council refused, on Monday, the unanimous request for the boss Medhat al-Mahmoud referred him to retire, as he emphasized that the public interest requires its survival in office. A spokesman for the judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Supreme Judicial Council held a special meeting today to discuss the development of the judicial process and has taken a number of important decisions." Bayraktar said that "at the end of the meeting witnessed Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud request by referring to retire and left the meeting," adding that "the meeting then continued under the chairmanship of Vice-President of the Council to decide on the request Mahmoud judge and vote on it."
    Bayrakdar and pointed out that "the members of the Council issued a unanimous decision to reject

    BGG: the request Mahmoud judge; because the public interest and justice at this stage require to stay in his duties as President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Federal Court."

    BGG: BGG Notes: Sounds like (to me) the news from the other day was just rumor... (it did mention "the news of..." his resignation)...

    BGG: according to this - in the face of protests - Medhat al-Mahmoud may have tendered his resignation and the SJC apparently voted for him to stay in the face of the National unrest. IMHO there are several "no nonsense" judges that would do fine, in his place.

    BGG: Sounds a little like political CYA as well...

    BGG: Mahmoud probably thinks he now has some kind of mandate and he's safe.

    puffdragon: I would think the Iraqis would want him out because of the corruption? Put pressure on Abadi by protest !

    BGG puffdragon: that is exactly right - the people want him gone. So it is exactly the reverse.

    BGG snowhite: that wasn't Abadi letting him go - it was "news of his resignation"... which I typically comment we can think what we want but should let things play out before we are "absolute" about things.

    BGG puffdragon: I doubt that...
    BGG puffdragon: he controls much less than he used to.

    slh5282: ??,, so are they not letting him resign and making him stay to be held accountable with Maliki?

    BGG slh5282: It sounds like to me - the SJC is playing a little CYA - but who knows for sure - at this point??
    BGG slh5282: Something is up - this much is true.

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    Re: News Time with BGG 8/17/15


    slh5282: are they holding him accountable along with Maliki? he is part of the old guard?

    BGG slh5282: I doubt it is to that point yet - but soon enough, we shall see...

    Nadita: BGG I guess this could be a question, Mahmoud gave his resignation to retire but the parliament rejected his request. If Mahmoud was put in place by Maliki but we are too far into the momentum and with his resignation will derail the momentum as they have to find a new judge.. could his resignation be held until the rv...? as they can't afford to miss the times to find a new judge and have to go through the approval of parliament.

    BGG Nadita: OK - re-read it real quick...
    BGG Nadita: it was not Parliament that voted.

    BGG Nadita: it was the Supreme Judicial Council. Near the end of the meeting - Mahmoud attempted to tender his resignation and left the meeting. They discussed it and voted (amongst themselves) to not accept. However, there a number of ways this could go.
    Nadita: BGG.. it said SJC...
    Nadita: BGG... I hear you.. it could go in different way.. my thinking was can they afford to lose him now while the momentum is going strongly

    BGG Nadita: for instance - if he wants to go bad enough - there is not much they can do to stop him... like if he's ready to "bounce" (to France)

    Nadita: BGG.. I heard France is not accepting new applications lol
    BGG Nadita: They are all "full up" with crooked Iraqi ex-pats...

    slh5282: what are your thoughts on the comments from Jabouri " the dinar to float and its influence on the Iraqi economy"?
    BGG slh5282: Great comment - I was bringing that piece next...

    puffdragon: SJC going against public opinion is not a good stragity at this point, would give Abadi more leverage for more changes ! Ones not good for the goons !

    BGG puffdragon: Agreed.

    BGG: (In support of economic reforms) Iraqi Center for information development economic workshop organized in coordination with the Office of the Prime Minister (Iraqi dinar to float and its influence on economy)

    BGG: The Centre organized for Iraqi media development in coordination with the Office of the President of the Council of Ministers economic workshop (Iraqi dinar to float and its influence on economy) Monday 17-8-2015 and the Hall with the participation of the President of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Dr. Haitham al-Jabouri, an elite group of advisers, experts and academics where the workshop discussed the importance of promoting the economic reality of Iraq and its impact on Iraqi citizens as participants put forward several ideas and perceptions that the Iraqi Government can be included within the plan of economic reforms and the issue of Iraqi dinar to float where participants set Of recommendations to be submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister.


    BGG: Stunning parts...

    BGG: President of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Dr. Haitham al-Jabouri, an elite group of advisers, experts and academics

    BGG: included within the plan of economic reforms and the issue of Iraqi dinar to float where participants set Of recommendations to be submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister.

    BGG: Keep in mind...
    BGG: (Notes)
    BGG: though high powered - this is a group of experts who got together and talked things over...
    BGG: (not the Gov of CBI or PM)...
    BGG: and are (or have) forwarding their idea (s) to Abadi...
    BGG: I am not sure "float" is the singular though - it is not impossible they could be talking about the IQD "going up"...
    BGG: thought.
    BGG: My point is this - the translation "float" could be easily better "characterized" as "going up"...
    BGG: but in any case - Float... no float - I am much less concerned with the exact details of what they are saying as I am with WHEN THEY ARE SAYING IT
    BGG: The timing - coming right after/during these reforms by Abadi - IS EXRAORDINARY!!
    BGG: That is the STUNNER...

    MGM BGG: Do you think its possible they still haven't decided how they are going to do this? meaning open to suggestions?
    BGG MGM: For sure - they haven't even fully regained control of their own CBI yet...
    BGG MGM: anything is possible.

    puffdragon: So that it not necessarily comes out as a float but trends up once out ?
    BGG puffdragon: possible - but this article (and thoughts) seem to directly contradict the ones in the article out just yesterday.
    puffdragon: What were those?
    BGG puffdragon: my point earlier - it could easily be a translation issue - meaning "IQD going up".
    BGG puffdragon: not exactly "float"...

    satrib BGG: doesn't all of this talk feel like this could go anytime?
    BGG satrib: Well - at least, as I pointed out earlier...
    BGG satrib: more than whatever it is they are saying - is the "weirdly coincidental" timing of these few articles coming out.

    satrib BGG: YES!! Loving it
    BGG satrib: right around this "period of reform" by Abadi
    BGG satrib: Speaking of which - isn't Abadi supposed to unveil his next round of reforms tomorrow??

    snowhite BGG: BGG MGM: For sure - they haven't even fully regained control of their own CBI yet... Will they have to wait until they have control of the CBI? To change value?
    BGG snowhite: obviously - this seems to be a time of "rapid change" - so things could unfold very, very quickly.

    purecountry: Why do I get the feeling that Abadi has been setting this up for the last year or since he got in office. Wham! All at once so the opposition has no time to react and are looking around wondering what just happened.
    BGG purecountry: because you have incredible instincts??

    satrib BGG: You ready to move to the next phase of this website?
    BGG satrib: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to fire up the D.U.C.E. List!!
    BGG satrib: Dinar Updates Currency Exchange List...

    jackflash101st BGG: Any news on baby face alak?
    BGG jackflash101st: Not yet.
    BGG jackflash101st: Very quiet.

    cookie BGG: Taking an educated guess, what do you think the next group of reforms tomorrow will contain?
    BGG cookie: NO CLUE.
    BGG cookie: but I am excited about the next few days and weeks

    Doodle Brain: Hello Mr. and Mrs. BGG...blessings to you both. I am wondering about the article today about the Union Banks. Like our Credit Unions. Seems they have increased their reserves by 100%, Did I read that correcly? Anything left, I yield to my good friend Larrykn!
    BGG Doodle Brain: there are a lot of ways that can be - or it could be just "blow"...
    BGG: OK gang - Hang in there - just a little while longer

    BGG: That's it for tonite - stay tuned for more Updates

    BGG: Thank you so much for everyone who tuned in - I know it wasn't MD - but Hey!!

    GrannieAnnie: BGG, you did great !!! Thank you

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