Federation of News Agencies Iraq gives the shield Federation Council Vice-President Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, in recognition of its role in support of Parliament and positions for young people
8/17/2015 0 Comments

Baader Union and the news agencies Iraq honored the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Iaram Sheikh Mohammed shield Union in recognition of outstanding and distinguished for his role in parliament and in appreciation of his positions Aldaah segment of young people at all levels, especially journalists, young journalists who are making great efforts to keep up with events and developments on the Iraqi arena, came this honor at a reception sovereignty of the President of the Federation (Ahmed Raad al-Maliki) and the Secretary of the Union (Osama success) and the smile and the enactment of Hussein al-Khafaji, a member of the Union.
Sheikh Mohammed stressed its support for the establishment of a union news agencies Iraq and encourage journalistic work according to professional standards and credibility in the news and current events in our country, He referred in his talk to the support for the process of reforms in the political map, particularly the reduction of officials and expenses of the salaries and the abolition of fiscal privileges for all positions and grades own in the state, adding the need to speed up the action and urgent decisions by the government and to respond to the demands of the demonstrators and work to improve the services file and accounting mischief and referred them to eliminate legally to reassure Almmted the street from the performance of the previous governments and parliamentary sessions since 2003.

Vice Chairman of the Board added, "We need to work mechanisms actual steps apply to the negligent and corrupt in the state, I am surprised the member of parliament has legal immunity or government official has the powers and talking to the media and speaks of suffering as a citizen, and this is not true because the result will generate case of frustration among the citizens. "

Attendees at this friendly meeting expressed their satisfaction for the presence of a young figure as vice president of the Council addresses the responsibility and be close to the concerns of the street and the dreams of young people and their aspirations for the future, stressing the continuation of professional work and efforts to promote the country.

Information Office of the Vice President of the House of Representatives