Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research in the field of higher education reforms package

To / sovereignty esteemed Chairman of the Board of Representatives
The rule of first deputy chairman of the Council of Esquire House
Sovereignty, Deputy Prime esteemed House of Representatives Greetings ...
Coinciding with the reforms carried out by the executive and legislative branches campaign Out of our concern that we have realistic solutions, especially in the higher education sector has been the Higher Education Commission parliamentary study the files that occupy the things all those involved in higher education and has developed its range of solutions we quote you as follows :

The first axis: restructuring the ministry and Trchigaha.

1. secure the basic necessities to accomplish goals strategy in education believes in equal opportunities and a high quality and contribute to the overall development and achieve civilized society the requirements of the application and close the national strategy for education and higher education items for the period (2012-2022) to overcome the challenges facing the higher education sector and these hubs she
(Institutional context, infrastructure, opportunities, quality, funding and spending and Scientific Research).
2. Apply integrated IT systems system at the ministry in order to be a source of sound data and information needed by the ministry in various activities rather than relying on the Department of Statistics, which is the statistical reporting traditionally.
3. Put the special rules of procedure of the Inspector General's Office which defines the duties and the terms of reference and powers of the sections with the development of indicators and standards are supported by the Office to evaluate the activities of the ministry and its formations and that this office is associated with the Integrity Commission to exercise control over the ministry and inclusive of the Minister's Office.

The second axis: timely action.

1. replace all the university presidents who have been handed over to their office four years or more, and provide the names of Heads of universities candidates with CV by the Council of Ministers to the House of Representatives during the month of issuance of this document, and determine the time frame of the mandate of President of the University roof.
2. the appointment of deans and cancel the appointment of a proxy deans and replacement which went on to receive his post four years or more and provide the names of the candidates to the Commission within one month.
3. claim university administrative reform measures to overcome the red tape and simplify procedures.
4. take appropriate action against companies lagging in the implementation of the Ministry of Education projects deadlines because of its direct impact on the development of the educational process.
5. Work to pump new blood in all the joints of the ministry, as it went on and there are some departments more than a decade without being able to develop the administration handled.
6. reconsider certificate equivalent measures coming from the outside of the competencies, and determine the timeframe for it.
7. requiring universities and colleges all update their curricula annually by 25% to 100% target update process every four years for the prosecution of rapid scientific development in the world.
8. compel the ministry to submit a quarterly report on the development process in the ministry to the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research.
9. compel the ministry to open itself to the students to listen to their problems as a way to solve them and the abolition of all corrupt loops that block the delivery of the problems to the administrator.
10. The need for coordination in the event of any file request between Higher Education Commission and all the universities in accordance with the distribution of members of their supervision.
11. open a window with a special electronic mailbox in the ministry and to answer questions from the Commission by the university and the ministry and the roof two weeks.
12. not to obstruct Alastdavat required by the Committee by the ministry for each university administrations and advanced cadres in the ministry.
19. Work on the provision of Tdrisien of higher education departments that suffer from shortage of teaching staff and re-distribution of teaching staff between universities shows including parallel scientific level campaign.
20. redistribution of teaching staff between universities so as to ensure a balanced level of scientific
21. Work on a resolution to recommend the appointment of the first section in each college within the angel movement.
22. formation of a special committee of the ministry for the purpose of evaluation and certification tests for students on scholarships outside Iraq and determine the timeframe for their completion.
23. compliance with article 13 of the federal budget law and be activated for this year and subsequent years.
24. emphasis on the exchange of students on scholarships dues on time.
25. Work on the development of job descriptions for graduates of colleges of medical technology, nursing, political science.

The third axis: Education Ahli.

1. oblige the ministry to pursue the phantom and non-recognized universities, such as this, it was able to mislead the universities of our students and their rhythm causing wasting money and time.
2. Work on solution certificates granted previously from colleges and universities are not recognized as the ministry to recognize each other and did not recognize the interconnected problem. As it happened with the students of the Institute of Arab history and other colleges.
3. Working to stop admissions in colleges unrecognized and prevent teaching them, and as a way to restore the prestige of the Iraqi Scientific Foundation and the reduction of universities unrecognized, especially as some of them began to grant master's and doctorate, which took exercised acts of fraud and predicted Bchaabakha by our dear and even invite them to punctuation chains and join them.
Tqublo and sincere thanks and appreciation ...

Dr. Sherko Mirza
The head of committee
Higher Education and Scientific Research