Labour calls for the completion of the loans department archival work on transactions during the holidays


It called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Department of staff loans to the completion of the initiative archival work on the loan transactions during the holidays. The minister said Mohammed Shia'a Sudanese, during his inspection operation and loans department to pursue the course of action and contexts used in the completion of transactions, that "in light of the delicate situation that runs the country we must seek to find all the alternatives that are in the service of the citizen and to avoid delay the transaction by following the new mechanisms boil down time ". He added that "work contexts need to be reviewed," vowing to "pursue these objectives closely being part of state policy and program simplification of procedures, which is implemented".
He stressed "the need to respect the citizens and answer their queries and create all that is appropriate to achieve the speed in the completion of transactions through the modernization of these procedures and mechanisms in place and stay away from the traditional mechanisms of action dull", calling on staff to "initiative completion of archival work on transactions loans during the holidays."
It is said that, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs included 39 thousand and 497 job seekers soft loans in Baghdad and the provinces within the three programs for lending is [Fund support income-generating projects, the National Strategy for Poverty Reduction, and the program of community-based rehabilitation ". Ended