Mishan al-Jubouri: I can no longer interrogate al-Mutlaq

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
MP for the National Forces Alliance Mishan al-Jubouri, on Monday, he was no longer able to interrogate the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq after his dismissal. Jubouri said during a press conference held by the House of Representatives and attended by Alsumaria News, that "Saleh al-Mutlaq is no longer vice-president of the Council of Ministers and therefore is no longer I can interrogated al-Mutlaq," pointing out that he made a "complaint and all documents to the courts and leave to eliminate that take the appropriate actions." He said al-Jubouri, "has not been subjected to pressure from him and it's fabricated stories custody of the judiciary." The al-Jubouri said in (March 10, 2015) that the questioning by Deputy Prime Minister Chairman of the relief and sheltering displaced Saleh al-Mutlaq still exists, stressing that the rules of procedure of Parliament provides for the withdrawal of confidence from the questioner in the absence of his presence twice to the Council.

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