The report of the fall of Mosul in the custody of the Iraqi judiciary

Date of publication: 17.08.2015 | 20:59 GMT

Iraqi Parliament referred the case of the fall of Mosul, however Daash to the Public Prosecution, confirming a report calling for the trial of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and dozens of senior officials accused of the case.

And referred the Iraqi parliament without reading or vote implicated file the fall of Mosul to justice without any exception .. many names in the lines of this file, most notably former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and former governor of Nineveh province Liberation of Iraq and the Army Chief of Staff former Babacar Zebari and former Minister of Defense Saadoun al-Dulaimi, as well as all other military leaders.

And it objected to a coalition of state law on the results, confirming that it is aimed at targeting the political, as explained coalition united under the leadership of Osama Najafi it politicized .. and charges for all ranging from negligence and complicity.

After the cancellation of a major positions of the Republic and the Vice Prime Minister, the Prime Minister canceled Haider al-Abadi four ministries and the integration of other 8 in a move to reduce his government's reform plans within, steps strongly endorsed by the street, but today worry some parliamentary blocs.

He warned the parliament speaker Salim al-take of reforms and a way to settle scores.

And the voice of the Iraqi parliament initially also on the formation of a committee to investigate the fall of the city of Ramadi, after the ratification of Prime Minister al-Abadi to refer officers to the military judiciary on the fall of Ramadi, leaving their posts without military permission.

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