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Inefficiency and exclusivity decisions overthrew the economy and development of Iraq!

August 17, 2015 20:55

Author: alzawraapaper

Baghdad / follow-up Zora:
attributed MPs and economists, Monday, the reasons for the deterioration of services and lack of development of industrial, agricultural, commercial and oil industry sectors and various sectors of development since 2004 and the current year to a number of points, notably the uniqueness in the decision and the failure to adopt a clear strategy in addition to the incompetent ministers, as well as for partisan interest and personal and take precedence on the public interest.

She said a member of the economic and investment commission Najiba Najib that "economic development plans were not according to the visions and the lack of security and political stability reason of the reasons for the advancement of sector development," adding that "there are many points delayed the promotion of economic and agricultural projects and industrial, notably giving priority to the public interest to own and party interests and the absence of a genuine partnership between the Iraqi people. "

She said Najib, said that "most of the decisions relating to economic growth," individual "and Dail on that is that we went out a set of reforms have not applied on the ground and did not witness them something "As promised," those decisions they were not on a professional and scientific basis for the construction of optimal economy. "

For his part, the economic expert on behalf of Antoine that any process that involves building and economic development go through two stages are planning, implementation and the Ministry of Planning study and develop plans in the light of the revenue and the only source of those revenues is oil and this negative factor for the advancement of the national economy, as we are at a critical stage of a drop in oil prices and there is no alternative sources. "

said Antoine, "There are many plans developed since 2004 to 2010 and the other in Al2017 all of which did not rely on clear strategies for the development of industrial and agricultural sectors and commercial and other development sectors, "revealing, for" the control of the slums on the state institutions and the adoption of ministers incompetent in their ministries administration hampering the process of economic construction. "

He guessed expert, said that "the reason for the deterioration of services and the spread of diseases and the deterioration of education and health and high poverty rate that budgets the explosive did not act in a rational manner to support the productive sectors and turned out to be only operational budgets pay for the salaries of staff "as the government revealed monitor $ 800 billion all spent for the salaries of state employees."

among the "lawsuit to reforms and the new program, which launched by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for the formation of national team by experts and specialists economy away from quotas and party to develop plans include the promotion of sectors of tourism, agriculture, industry, trade, investment and the private sector, where he was a report and a plan of operation after holding several meetings emerged obliging the Central Bank to pay soft loans amounted to approximately the 6 trillion dinars to support those productive sectors and the need for government control over the work and the mechanism of the distribution of these loans to ensure the best use. "

In a related development announced to the Labour and Social Affairs Parliamentary member Abdul Aziz Dalimy "The poverty rate in Iraq rose to approximately 35%, according to Statistics conducted by the Ministry of Planning."

referring to The "Committee for Labor and Social Affairs is seeking coordination with the Ministry of Labour to pass laws that would reduce the rate of poverty in the country, is the most important labor laws and social security as well as social welfare in addition to the retirement law," aggravating "the need that there be adequate to meet the increasing proportion of solutions Poverty in the country with, confirmed the existence of concerted efforts by the Action Committee parliamentary to prevent the aggravation of this ratio. "

It is said that "Iraq, witnessed during the current year suffocating as described by the government have a financial crisis, because of the fall in world oil prices which affected Iraq's budget the fact that the oil revenues only source of funding for socialization and pay staff salaries and the preparation of the general budget of the country. "

He described the economy experts, public finance Iraq's budgets since 2004 to the year 2013, "the explosive which has not enjoyed by Iraq, because of the wrong policies of successive governments in those years."

comes the recent reforms package launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in compliance with the directives of the religious authority and the demands of the demonstrators provision of services and the promotion of the economic reality of financial and administrative and improve the standard of living of citizens, after thousands out of Moanyen in violent protests rocked the central and southern provinces to develop radical solutions after encountering their provinces ill the provision of services Bmakhltv energy, transport and other sectors which are due to work on the development of infrastructure building solid throughout those past years. "