The jump in exports of Iraqi crude oil


Baghdad: new morning:

Exports are expected to reach Iraq «OPEC member from Basra crude to almost 2.93 million barrels in August. Sources said that Iraq plans to export sector about 2.08 million barrels of Basra light crude and 850,000 barrels of heavy crude.
Transfer dealers for GetRight first to «company» Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO) that Iraq allocated 3 017 million barrels from Basra crude for export in September and predicted that crude shipments jump Basra nearly 400 heavy barrels compared with the previous month.
The source predicted that crude allocations amounting to Basra in September about 1.02 million barrels light crude 1.995 million barrels. He added that the reason for increased allocations in some Crown next month shipments of August to September. Owing to the limited storage capacity in Iraq, the «Sumo» to increase crude shipments quantities available for export so as not to interrupt production.
And Libya, according to the «life», the new President of «NOC» production from oil between 350 and 380 000 barrels per day. This is consistent with modern production numbers made Libyan officials. This production is less than a quarter of what they used in OPEC member Libya» produced by the uprising that toppled moamer kadhafi in 2011. The Libyan Government has been internationally recognized and based in White City in the East of the country since it lost control of the capital for the Government a year before the competition, she was appointed President of the Moroccan Organization Nagy also exist in the East of the country.
The move is largely symbolic because oil production and export marketing are controlled by "State Corporation for petroleum, also known as the «NOC» located in Tripoli, where a parallel government responsibility. The Government has established internationally recognized oil company also launched the national oil corporation headquartered in the East but the clients of Libyan oil refuse to deal with it preferring to pay oil through existing channels through the national oil corporation located in Tripoli.
And the oil and gas Ministry said in its monthly report that oil production and suppressors surpassed 1 million barrels per day in July for the first time in history. Oman is working to raise oil production despite supply glut that drove crude prices to fall and looks Arabic Gulf to offset lower oil revenues. The Ministry reported on its website that the Sultanate has made ... A new record in average daily production of crude oil and condensate during July 2015 having exceeded daily production rate during July barrier million barrels for the first time to Alpha and 81 million barrels.
Wide cleansing campaign began at the national oil company in Nigeria after announcing new apprentice Manager at American companies thorough checking accounts and employees. Nigerian President pledged Buhari, who took office late last May to eliminate corruption and a month later decided to expel the company.
In early August, he was appointed Executive Vice President Emmanuel kashiko former ExxonMobil company Africa» and a graduate of Harvard University, the Director-General. Since then, 38 senior.
And last Thursday, warned all employees of kashiko low they are og. He called John Campbell, former us Ambassador to Nigeria and a researcher at the Council on foreign relations, the management revolution "to combat corruption in the oil sector, where billions of dollars are embezzled public funds. He told the AFP Agency «» kashiko's appointment "corresponds to the way the President in appointing technocrats on the basis of merit.