Deputies of the State law. They assault on Salim Al-jubouri. And they set him to delete a name from the list, Al-Maliki accused fall connector!
Date: Monday, 17-08-15 01:14 pm

Parliament called the State of law Coalition, Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jubouri delete leader Nouri al-Maliki's coalition of the report of the Committee on the fall of Mosul, threatened to resign and withdraw from Parliament if not deleted.
A parliamentary source said that "the Parliament of the State of the law gathered this morning in front of the Office of Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jubouri, a protest on behalf of coalition leader Nouri al-Maliki within characters responsible for the fall of Mosul but organize daash", stating that "MPs were angry after their attack and forced Al-jubouri on his closed meeting with him upon his arrival to the library".
The source said on condition of anonymity, that "the State of law's deputies threatened to resign and withdraw from Parliament if Al-Maliki's name has not been deleted," pointing out that "House were strained and loud voices in the Parliament Speaker's Office when".
He was Deputy for the State of law Coalition, described the Sunday blessing emotions (16 August 2015), report of the Commission investigating the fall of Mosul as "politicized", his be or become poor that report carrying former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki the responsibility and role of the President overlooked the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, called to replace the Chairman of the Committee, Governor Aydin, another person accused is not neutral.
Report connector included 35 accused fall city including political and military leaders and local government officials of Nineveh province.