In Maysan .. retirement card accomplish in your home

Twilight News / declared governor of Maysan province Ali Douai needed on Monday for the delivery of pension rights and smart card to the families of "martyrs" of security forces and the popular crowd through the place of residence on the same day transactions.

This came during a visit to a working group to complete pension rights and smart card transactions on the same day and by the place of residence without the trouble of reviewing pension body to the families of martyrs in retirement to maintain the circle, according to a statement of the province responded to Twilight News.

He met Douai needed during a visit with members of the committee charged by the board of the national retirement inquiring about what has been achieved during the previous days, also listened to the most important problems they face in order to develop appropriate solutions and service as quickly as possible to the families of martyrs.

"The families of the martyrs can the army and police and the martyrs of the popular crowd Review smart card exchange centers to receive their pensions after the completion of their card, a smart little direction of the completion of their families."

The statement noted that "the governor of Maysan province visited together with the committee in charge of it and retired director of the house of one of the martyrs of Maysan popular crowd and supervise the process of issuing identity retirement and smart card at the same moment."

He dedicated conservative, "the Koran and the Iraqi flag to the mother of the martyr Mohi their families and their self-praising a very extreme generosity and promising to do everything possible in order to complete transactions related to them."