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    Law Issued - "Passports Act"

    "Passports Act"

    Passports Act

    August 17 0.2015

    Name of the people
    Based on what passed the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic and pursuant to the provisions of subsection (I) of Article (61) and item (iii) of Article 73 of the Constitution 0
    Issued the following law:
    No. () for the year 2015


    Article 1 the following expressions is intended for the purposes of this Act the meanings indicated opposite thereto:
    First - Minister: Interior Minister
    Second: General Manager: Director General of ginseng GENERAL
    III Director: Director of Immigration in the Ministry of Interior
    IV passport officer: Director of Passports and its officers, employees and authorized by the Minister to issue travel documents stipulated in this Law has expired.
    V. Iraq: the person who has Iraqi citizenship, according to the Nationality Law.
    VI competent employee: an employee at the State Department authorized the passport officer who works in the Iraqi embassies and diplomatic missions validity or consulate outside the Republic of Iraq.
    VII passport: The document issued by the State of Iraq for the purpose of travel outside Iraq or return to.
    VIII Passport: The document issued by the State of an Iraqi who loses his passport and outside Iraq foreigner who loses his passport in Iraq and not to their own diplomatic representation in it.
    IX travel document: The document issued by the State to travel to outside Iraq or return to in exceptional circumstances
    X. passport form: a form of electronic information form which shall build on the passport.

    Article - 2. The spas have a passport to four types:
    (C) Service
    Plain D.
    Second Passports Directorate of the Interior Ministry linked and holds the issuance of all types of travel passports.

    First, Article 3 - (a) shall issue a passport for each Iraqi independently and may not be added him and prove him as a carrier and personal data.
    B - issue a passport that is free of the Iraqi Civil record of the adoption of the third title name titles in his passport, and his children adopt that name titles to them in their passports.
    (C) may not be issued more than one passport in effect per person of the same type.
    (D) shall not leave Iraq except for those who have a passport or passport or travel Tsagh issued in accordance with law.
    Secondly - are excluded from the provisions of paragraph (d) of item (i) of this Article Mayati:
    A - Almafwon under international agreements of the Republic of Iraq is a party and the limits of those conventions.
    T-Noteh ships or aircraft arriving in Iraq and Atmama to leave as soon as their travel or their return to their country after leaving the service in Iraq or terminated or any user in Iraq as (Naughty) in a ship or aircraft.
    C-Bdour nomads living conditions need mobility across the Iraqi land border.
    Thirdly - may not be Viewing stored electronically in the system of issuing machine readable passports and saved hardcopy or reproduced without the consent of the Director General.

    Article 4 on the competent employee issuing passports to Iraqis outside Iraq or renewed or extended regardless of the reasons for their presence in accordance with the provisions of this law.

    Article -5- First - An Iraqi who has completed (18) eighteen years of age to obtain a passport.
    Second may issue a passport for those under the age of (18) eighteen years with the consent of the guardian or custodian.
    Thirdly - holds the Personal Status Court or Court of personal material competent to consider the request for issuance of a passport for people provided for in item (ii) of this article in the absence of the guardian or guardian.

    Article 6 first - may not be granted a passport issued to Iraqi judicial judgment was preventing travel only after the lifting of the ban by the authority which issued.
    Secondly - the Interior Minister to withdraw Iraqi passport of Iraqi found guilty of a crime or a terrorist act Diamond interior security of the state or the outside and sent to jail by a court verdict.
    Thirdly - Iraqi covered by the provisions of section gives (ii) of this article document valid for return to Iraq passage.

    7. Product-Prime Minister and the requirements of the public interest to grant people in non-Iraqis in Iraq Iraqi passports and dragging them where appropriate after approval by the Council of Ministers.

    Article -8- first - meet the Directorate fee of $ (25,000) Twenty-five thousand dinars, or the equivalent in foreign currency for the issuance of Mayati:
    A-passport for the first time.
    B - a passport instead of a damaged or missing after the court's decision.
    W-passport passport pages instead ended or the duration of force.

    9. Product-first - on the Iraqi who lost or damaged passport inside Iraq recording this in the news or the Directorate of Passports
    One of its departments in the provinces or the nearest police station.
    Second - on the Iraqi who lost or damaged passport registration outside Iraq News this in front of the competent employee.
    Thirdly - the competent employee is granted power to investigate Elementary with the passport is lost or damaged and the results of the investigation sent to the competent authorities for the purpose of taking legal action in the matter.
    IV The Passport Directorate heroes passports lost Owaltalvh.
    Fifth - Director-General awards or authorized a new passport for an Iraqi who damaged or lost his passport for the first time inside or outside Iraq after payment of the fine provided for in item (I) of Article (10) of this law.

    Article -10- First: Passports Directorate meet a fine of $ (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand Iraqi dinars, or the equivalent in foreign currencies of those damaged or lost his passport in force for the first time inside or outside Iraq to negligence.
    Second punishable by a fine of not less than (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand dinars and not more than (1,000,000) million dinars each of the lost or damaged passport in force for more than once.
    III gives Iraqi outside Iraq who loses his passport in force for the second time as a passport to return to Iraq and take the right legal procedures set forth in item (ii) of this article.
    Fourthly - it does not give the chest right decision verdict conviction based on the provisions of subsection (ii) of this article a new passport, but after three months starting from the date of the judgment and the minister or authorized in cases estimated by grant him a passport before the expiry of the period mentioned.

    Article 11 is concerned with a misdemeanor court that the Directorate of Passports or its departments are located in the provinces within its jurisdiction to consider the spatial violations set forth in item (i) and (ii) of Article (9) of the Act and send the papers according to the investigative E-mail to the legal department at the Directorate of General passports for obtaining approvals fundamentalist rule on the subject, regardless passport and during a period of (30) thirty days.

    Material - 12. First - The Director-General for the purposes of this Act the following tasks
    A-substitutes passports in accordance with law
    B-passport in the following cases Heroes:
    (1) If it is proved abandon the Iraqi nationality, it was taken away from him.
    (2) the loss of the passport descriptions have been circulated to the competent authorities.
    (3) the end of the period of validity of the passport or the depletion of its pages.
    (C) prevent any person holds a passport from leaving the Republic of Iraq if he had issued a final judicial decision to ban travel
    (E) determine the form and the data Astmaratne passport and travel ban.
    Second authorize the Director-General of Passports tasks provided for in item director (I) of this article.

    Article -13- First - a passport officer:
    A-to ask the person who leaves the Republic of Iraq or next to it to highlight the passport or passport or travel document and has direct questions to him with respect to his identity and his movements and includes persons specified in item (ii) of Article (3) of this Act.
    (B) that inquires from anyone suspected of concealing him to inspect documents and has his luggage and women may not be searched only from women.
    C - the introduction of any mode of modes of land transport, sea or air after examining the relevant documents.
    Secondly - it intended the document provided for in item (i) of this Article Msthompsk passport or papers, or a document or a message or a map or a personal photo or a picture book or anything else writing or in print.

    Article - 14 - if upheld a passport officer that a person has committed a crime punishable under Iraqi laws effectively prevented him from traveling to invalidate the ear and has a visa to travel or traffic to be presented to the competent investigating judge within (24) twenty-four hours.

    Article - 15 - shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not less than three (3) years of all:
    The spas sold or bought Iraqi passport or acquired attic with a view to use it contrary to the requirements issued.
    Second damaged or marred, defect, annulled his passport in force in bad faith.
    Thirdly -gadr or try to leave the Republic of Iraq after an prevented him from traveling or Departure
    Fourthly - left or attempted to leave the Republic of Iraq or income or tried to enter the roads is devoted to the examination of documents and places.

    Article -16 - punishable by imprisonment for not less than one year but not more than three (3) years of all:
    The spas obtained or tried to obtain a passport omission of the passport officer despite possessing a passport to take effect from the same type.
    Second feet intentionally statement or information in the passport or in any matter relating to obtain a passport contrary to the provisions of this Act or false papers and documents form the government.

    Article - 17. punishable with the same penalty provided for in Almadtien (15) and (16) of this law, anyone who incites or helps a person to commit an offense specified therein.

    Article - 18 - First - on the passport officer procedural trigger in the crimes stipulated in this Law.
    Second, if the offense is punishable under this law punishable by law in the last defendant punishable under the law the most punishment.
    Third - it does not grant a new passport who was sentenced to Pat conviction in accordance with articles (15) and (16) of the Act for the duration of his sentence.

    Article - 19 - holds the Passport Directorate damage binders under which passports issued after one year from the date of entry into force on that crumpled electronically stored in the database.

    Article -20- First - identifies systems Mayati:
    A-people who issue them passports and laissez-passer and travel documents
    B-forms of passports and laissez-passer documents issued traffic and places and how to request and duration of force
    C-mechanism to issue travel documents for foreigners and shape of these documents
    D-ways entry of the Republic of Iraq and to leave the premises and examine documents.
    Second: define the conditions for granting passports and laissez-passer and travel documents with the instructions issued by the Minister.
    Thirdly - the Minister to issue instructions to facilitate the Tnevsz provisions of this law.

    Article -21- canceled travel passports Law No. (32) of 1999 and the remaining regulations and instructions issued thereunder window without prejudice to the provisions of this law until a Maihl Bmahlha or repealed.

    Article - 22. This law shall be the date of publication in the Official Gazette.

    For the purpose of Iraqi enjoy constitutional rights to obtain a passport by facilitating the granting of passports measures to ensure freedom of movement and in line with the new democratic approach
    Initiated this law
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