The Washington Post: al-Maliki in the hot seat after the fall of Mosul, however, "Daash"

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17/08/2015 14:30

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki may face criminal charges for his role in the fall of Mosul, however, militants "Daash" in June of last year, according to the results of the investigation prepared by a parliamentary committee and came in the form of a report included the names of officers and officials from the province.

Members of the commission of inquiry, confirmed that al-Maliki, a group involved officials in the fall of the city process, according to the allegations of the results of the investigation, as well as the receipt of the names of military officers and advisers on the background of the fall of the city, is also interested in the report issued by the investigative committee about, why the city fell to armed extremists? The report also blamed the officials who caused the recovery of corruption during the reign of Nuri al-Maliki of Iraq.

The report of the Committee in conjunction with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, enacted fundamental changes in the Sassi system based in the country, which would reforms that eliminate the rampant corruption and financial spending excessive after street protests on a large scale. It has taken thousands of demonstrators Tahrir Square a place to voice their demands in the past three weeks, demanding better services and accused officials of corruption and suction public money.

Yesterday, a group of about Abadi ruled Ministries of his government, following the merger of five ministries to each other and the closure of four of them, and his part, Saleem al-Jubouri said in a statement it "No one is above the law and accountability imposed by the will of the people."

As is known, when militants launched a "Daash" an attack on the city of Mosul in June of last year, the Iraqi army collapsed very quickly, leaving the case of armed control of the city in the hours, to increase pressure on the government since it was formed Abadi and far.

Text of the report included the names of well-known behind the fall of Mosul, as stated Ethel Najafi, the former governor of Mosul, and Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, who was the acting position name, and Army Chief of Staff Babacar Zebari, according to a statement from the two members of the commission of inquiry.

In a dangerous precedent Parliament decided to head al-Jubouri, send the report to the criminal trial, stressing that the people will punish those who participated in the process of the fall of Mosul, according to the source.

Maliki, who is on a visit to Iran, and losses recently focused no matter what a vice president, says his experts to return to Iraq again may be weak due to the report, and besides, Observers believe that al-Abadi is still past his combative reform, as hoped to begin reform of the judiciary as the people promised to do so.

And they accuse politicians Haider al-Abadi, exploiting his powers to marginalize political rivals, which they perceive as prime minister decisions are unconstitutional, because it needs a constitutional amendment basically this will be done only by a vote of parliament, according to legal experts.

The British ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker, has described the ongoing radical reforms to the Iraqi government changes, as these reforms included the abolition of ministries, like the Ministry of Human Rights and the Ministry of State for Women's Affairs.

As part of the reform package announced by the prime minister last week, which came with seven points, Abadi had said at the time, that he would bring the corrupt officials and politicians files. Analysts are skeptical of these proceedings, that the judiciary still need reforms is the other.

Since taking Abadi prime minister in the last year, the 5500 separation of a space soldier for the service, who were paid salaries and they are not in the military service.

In spite of the assistance and training at the hands of US advisers, the army still suffers from logistical problems and structural and the continued survival of the organization in its regions preserved, with evidence that the army also withdrew from the city of Ramadi when gunmen attacked him in last May.